2024 Skandalaris Business Plan Competition

Three finalists from the High school category and three from the College category will each offer a four minute presentation of their business plans. Finalists present at the 2024 Sesi Midwest Entreprenurship Conference, held on March 8, 2024 at the EMU McKenny Ballroom. Community business leaders will judge these presentations to select the best presentation for cash prizes. For the business plan competition, plesae enter your submission here


2023 Winners

College Category

First Place: Zoe Sponseller - Red Thread Unraveled [Eastern Michigan University]

Red Thread Unraveled is a subscription box for Chinese adoptees to help them learn about their country of birth in a hands-on and engaging way.

Second Place: Trevor Arcieri - Refreshed [Kettering University]

Refreshed combines advanced EEG hardware and revolutionary mobile software to help tired and burnt out young professionals achieve quality sleep in order to become consistently energized and perform at their best.

Third Place: Bradley Jakupco - Zeus [Eastern Michigan University]

The Zeus drone helps the hikers in case they need assistance or are in any type of distress. The drones can locate the hiker when they call or message through the app using simple technology tracking. The Zeus drone can also be sent into the forest by itself to find missing persons.


High School Category

First Place: Irene Sebin Oh - Neighborhood Bus [Troy High School]

Neighborhood Bus is an innovative app that efficiently connects parents who are picking up/dropping off their own children from school with students needing a ride to/from the same school. The app combines the features popular rideshare services and traditional carpooling systems to create the most efficient and convenient school transportation.

Second Place: Varshini Kashyap, Peter Schwendeman, and Jerry Yang - Prince's Produce [Huron High School]

Prince’s Produce fights food waste concerns by selling subscription produce packages and meal kits, each filled with ugly produce—crops that are still healthy but deemed too ugly for consumers.

Third Place: Archit Sonaje - Czar Art [Huron High School]

Czar Art is an online platform that supports the creation of art by high school students. Young high schoolers can not only work on their passion for art, but will get the opportunity to monetize their efforts with Czar Art. This is a website where artists will be able to post their art and our team will be able to sell it to customers.

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