Anthony Koschmann

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Assistant Professor of Marketing


558 Owen



  • Ph.D. Emory University
  • MBA Indiana University
  • MA Syracuse University
  • BS Plymouth State College

Courses Taught

  • IMC 606 Multi Channel Media I
  • IMC 617 Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • MKTG 360 Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 470 Marketing Research
  • MKTG 670 Advanced Methods in Marketing Research

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Koschmann's research focuses on strategic brand management, market structures and entertainment products.

Selected Publications

Koschmann, Anthony (forthcoming). “How Coaching Ability Moderates Player Incentives to Perform: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach of the NFL.” Journal of Sport Management.

Koschmann, Anthony (2019). “Evaluating the Durability of Brand Alliances Using Bayesian Methods.” Journal of Brand Management, 26(3), 268-276.

Sheth, Jagdish and Anthony Koschmann (2019). “Do Brands Compete or Coexist? How Persistence of Brand Loyalty Segments the Market.” European Journal of Marketing, 53(1), 2-19.

Koschmann, Anthony and Jagdish Sheth (2019). “Do Brands Compete or Coexist? A Response to the Responses.” European Journal of Marketing, 53(1), 31-36.

Koschmann, Anthony and Mathew Isaac (2018). “Retailer Categorization: How Store-Format Price Image Influences Expected Prices and Consumer Choices.” Journal of Retailing, 94(4), 364-369.

Koschmann, Anthony and Douglas Bowman (2018). “Evaluating Marketplace Synergies of Ingredient Brand Alliances.” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35(4), 575-590.