Eric Schulz

Eric Shulz

Professor of Management


511 Hill


[email protected]


  • Ph.D. Rutgers University
  • MA University of Minnesota
  • BA University of Louisville

Professional Summary

Prior to joining EMU in the Fall of 2000, Dr. Schulz was employed by the consulting firm of William H. Mercer. Dr. Schulz research interests are in the areas of compensation and benefits. He is a member of World at Work. He has co-authored Training the Technical Workforce (Jossey-Bass).

Courses Taught

  • MGMT 384 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 386 Organizational Behavior and Management
  • MGMT 482 Compensation Administration
  • MGMT 483 Staffing Organizations
  • MGMT 505 Organizational Behavior and Business Communications
  • MGMT 509 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 610 Diagnostic and Quantitative Methods in Organizations
  • MGMT 620 Compensation Management
  • MGMT 621 Benefits Administration
  • MGMT 681 Special Topics in Management
  • MGMT 699 Three Credit Independent Study

Research Interests & Projects

Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management - His teaching interests are in the areas of compensation, human resource management, and organizational behavior.

Selected Publications

Schulz, E.; Chowdhury, S. Van de Voort, D. (Forthcoming). Firm productivity moderated link between human capital and compensation: The significance of task-specific human capital. Human Resource Management.

Schulz, E. R., Camp, R., Waltman , J. (2007). Incremental Effectiveness of Two key IT Recruitment Methods . Journal of Managerial Issues.

Schulz, E. R., Tubbs, S., Frye, C. (2006). Compensation, Leadership, and organizational effectiveness. Insights to a Changing World, Volume 200 (Issue 2), 1-26.

Tubbs, S. L. Schulz , E. R. (2006). Exploring a Taxonomy of Global Leadership Competencies and Meta-competencies. Journal of American Academy of Business, 8 (2), 29-34.

Schulz, E. R.Tanguay, D. M. (in press, 2005). Merit Pay in a Public Higher Education Institution: Questions of Impact and Attitudes. Public Personnel Management.

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Management
  • Southern Management Association
  • WorldatWork