Faison Gibson

Faison Gibson

Associate Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications


201 Hill


[email protected]


  • Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University
  • MBA University of Pennsylvania
  • MA Center for Arabic Study Abroad at the American University
  • BS Georgetown University

Professional Summary

Dr. Gibson teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in end-user computing, information systems development and implementation projects, software design and programming for business and the newly developed Google AdWords course.

Courses Taught

  • IS 239 Google AdWords and Web Page Design
  • IS 247 Software Design & Programming in Business
  • IS 339 Google Analytics and Landing Page Optimization
  • IS 439L4 Search Marketing Practicum (GELB)
  • IS 449 Information Systems Development & Implementation Projects
  • IMC 616 Search Engine Marketing
  • IS 696 Systems Development Projects