Laxmikant Manroop


Associate Professor of Human Resource Management


321 Hill


[email protected]


  • Ph.D. York University, Toronto
  • M.B.A. Morehead State University, Kentucky
  • B. Soc. Sc. University of Guyana

Professional Summary

Dr. Manroop's research has appeared in several high-impact journals such as Human Resource Management, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Management Review, International Journal of Management Reviews, Organizational Psychology Review, and the British Journal of Industrial Relations, among others.

Dr. Manroop has distinguished himself in both teaching and research. He was honored with the Heller College of Business Research Excellence Award in 2014, and the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2016 while he was a faculty at Roosevelt University. He was also winner of the “Business Ethics: A European Review” outstanding Reviewer Award in 2014. At EMU, Dr. Manroop received the College of Business Distinguish Research Award for academic year 2017/2018, and the COB Teaching Excellence Award for academic year 2020/2021.

Courses Taught

  • MGMT 384 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 386 Organizational Behavior & Therory
  • MGMT 483 Staffing Organization
  • MGMT 509 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 622 Current Issues in Human Resource Management

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Manroop has more than a dozen publications on a wide range of human resource management topics including job search, performance management, employment interviews, social media assessment, and organizational ethical climates. He has also published several chapters in edited textbooks on the use of micro-blogs in Recruitment and Selection, and applicant reactions to social media assessment. Some of his published works have been featured in print media outlets such as Monitor on Psychology,, and Management-Issues. He has presented his research at several national and international conferences in the USA, Canada, and Eastern and Western Europe.

Selected Publications

Manroop, L. Malik, A., Camp, R., & Schulz, E. (2021). Applicant reaction to social media assessment: A review and conceptual framework. Human Resource Management Review

Manroop, L. (2017). A multi-paradigm approach to job search scholarship. Organizational Psychology Review, 7(4): 330 – 356

Malik, A., Manroop, L., & Patel, P. (2017). An empirical examination of the relationship between skills shortage and firm performance: The role of high performance work systems.  Journal of Management and Organization. DOI: 10.1017/jmo.2017.30

Manroop, L., & Richardson, J. (2016). Job search: A multidisciplinary review and research agenda. International Journal of Management Reviews, 18 (2): 206-227.

Budworth, M. H., Latham, G. P., & Manroop, L. (2015). Looking forward to performance improvement: A field test of the feedforward interview for performance management. Human Resource Management, 54 (1): 45 – 54.

Manroop, L., Singh, P., & Ezzedeen, S. (2014). Human resources systems and ethical climates: A resource-based perspective. Human Resource Management, 53 (18): 795 – 816.

Manroop, L., Boekhorst, J., & Harrison, J. A. (2013). The influence of cross-cultural differences on job interview selection decisions. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24 (18): 3512-3533.