Megan Endres

Megan Endres

Professor of Management


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  • Ph.D. University of North Texas
  • MBA Texas Christian University
  • BA Texas Christian University

Professional Summary

After receiving her BA in Journalism and MBA in Management from Texas Christian University, Megan went on to work in the field of advertising editing and copywriting. She then moved to business writing work in the corporate world, specifically concerned with sales proposals. During her Ph.D. at University of North Texas, Megan taught Organizational Behavior, Business Communications, and Administrative Communications courses. At this time, she started working as a management consultant for clients such as Fina Oil & Gas and Mary Kay Cosmetics, specializing in business research and business communications. After graduating with her Ph.D., Megan moved to the Boulder, Colorado area and consulted to companies and educational institutions, concentrating on business research, survey development and design, and statistical analyses and reports. Although she maintains relationships with clients for business research consulting, Megan returned to academia to focus on her primary areas of interest, research and teaching.

Courses Taught

  • DS 265 Business Statistics
  • MGMT 202 Business Communications
  • MGMT 386 Organizational Behavior and Management
  • MGMT 460 Management Skills
  • MGMT 497 1 Credit Independent Study
  • MGMT 499 3 Credit Independent Study
  • MGMT 505 Organizational Behavior and Business Communications
  • MGMT 600 Management Skills
  • MGMT 610 Diagnostic and Quantitative Methods in Organizations
  • MGMT 604 Strategic Communications and Ethical Decision Making
  • MGMT 697 One Credit Independent Study
  • MGMT 699 Three Credit Independent Study

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. Endres specializes in self-efficacy perceptions and other generative cognitive processes that occur during complex task performance. She also investigates the role of self-efficacy and group processes in software development projects.

Selected Publications

Endres, M. L., Chowdhury, S. K. , & Alam, I. (in press, 2008). Gender Effects on Bias in Complex Financial Decisions. Journal of Managerial Issues.

Endres, M. L., Endres, S. P. , Chowdhury, S., & Alam, I. (in press, 2007). Tacit Knowledge Sharing, Self-Efficacy Theory, and Application to the Open Source Community. Journal of Knowledge Management.

Endres, M. L. (in press, 2007). The Effectiveness of Assigned Goals in Complex Financial Decision Making and the Importance of Gender. Theory and Decision.

Chowdhury, S., Endres, M. L. , & Frye, C. (2007). Does Gender Moderate Knowledge, Education and Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy Relationships? Academy of Management Conference.

Chowdhury, S. & Endres, M. L. (2007). Customer Involvement in service operation and Its Impact on Job Stress and Work Place Injury. Academy of Management Conference.

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of Management
  • Decision Sciences Institute