Tammy McCullough

Tammy McCullough

Professor of Marketing


209 Hill


[email protected]


  • Ph.D. University of Washington
  • MBA University of Washington
  • BA University of Washington

Professional Summary

Dr. McCullough teaches undergraduate selling, consumer behavior, marketing strategy, introductory marketing, and sports marketing

Dr. McCullough's research on sports marketing, health care marketing, and ethics, have been published in Health Marketing Quarterly and proceedings for the Associations of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Courses Taught

  • MKTG 261 Contemporary Selling
  • MKTG 360 Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 365 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 368 Marketing Strategy
  • MKTG 425 Sports Marketing
  • MKTG 610 Marketing Policies and Procedures

Research Interests & Projects

Dr. McCullough's research interests include sports marketing and services marketing. Most recently, Dr. McCullough has worked with Dr. Sam Fullerton to create a new typology for segmenting two separate sports consumption markets: the sports participation market and the sports fan market.

Selected Publications

Fullerton, S. McCullough, T. (2013). Patient Proactivity: Behaviors, Attitudes, and Its Relationship with Satisfaction with the American Health Care Delivery System. Health Marketing Quarterly, 31 (1), 78-96.

McCullough, T. Fullerton, S. (2012). Psychographic Segmentation in a Unique Service Industry: A Typology Based on Consumers' Levels of Consumption of Live and Media-Based Spectator Sports. Journal of Applied Marketing Theory, 3 (1), 38-54.

McCullough, T. Fullerton, S. (2008), "Target Marketing in Spectator Sports: An Examination of Factors that Influence Attendance at Sporting Events among Young Amateur Athletes Who Participate in Organized Sports," Proceedings of the Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, W. Glen Rieken and C. David Shepherd, eds., Savannah, GA, pp 69-96.

Fullerton, S., Merz, G. R., McCullough, T. (2005). An Examination of Attitudes and Behaviors of Sports Fans in America. Proceeding of the Association of Marketing Theory and Practice.

McCullough, T. Fullerton, S. (2005). Pre and Post September 11 Assessment of Attitudes Held by College Students Regarding Sport Utility Vehicles. Association of Marketing Theory and Practice.