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Application Deadline:  Monday, September 27, 2021, 4 p.m.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) movement aims to enhance the value of teaching in the academy by focusing on the role of serious, scholarly inquiry in developing best practices in higher education.  This seminar will bring together faculty and lecturers who are interested in exploring student learning in their classes through a SOTL project.  Participants will work in a seminar format to develop a research question about student learning in their classes, gather data to address this question, and go public with the results of their inquiry in presentations and/or publications.  This seminar is ideal for any instructor who wishes to enhance their teaching and to maximize student learning.

Program Format:

This seminar will give faculty members the tools to develop and implement their own Scholarship of Teaching and Learning projects.  Faculty will spend the fall term engaged in seminar-style discussions of the SOTL literature and about how their own work may fit into this area.  They will work with each other in a supportive learning community to design a SOTL project to be implemented in a winter 2022 course.  As examples (meant to illustrate rather than limit), projects might focus on:

  • Techniques for making particular approaches (simulations, online discussion boards, collaborative learning) work best for the largest number of students;
  • How to teach challenging and controversial topics effectively;
  • How best to develop deep understanding of challenging disciplinary concepts;
    Best practices in creating and using different assessment tools.

Meeting Time: The seminar will meet once a month on Mondays at 3:30 p.m., three dates in fall and four dates in winter semester.  Meetings will be held in person with participation by Zoom fully supported. Individual meetings with the facilitator will also help participants to develop, implement, and go public with their projects.  If this meeting time does not work for you, please indicate it on the application form and we will try out best to accommodate you!

The seminar will be facilitated by Jeffrey Bernstein, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Bruce K. Nelson Faculty Development Center.  Bernstein has published extensively in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and remains active in this work in his discipline and on a national level. 

Seminar Outcomes:

By the end of the winter 2022 semester, participants will have:

  • Developed (fall 2021) and implemented (winter 2022) a SOTL project in one of their classes;
  • Gathered data on student learning in the class and begun the process of analyzing the data;
  • Submitted either a manuscript for publication, or a proposal to present this work at a conference or    other similar venue. 

When these outcomes are completed, (or equivalent outcomes are achieved in consultation with the facilitator), the faculty member will receive a $300 honorarium.


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