Capstone Project

Capstone Experiences

Most of our master's programs require students to complete a final project rather than a thesis. This is sometimes referred to as a capstone experience. The project could be a product from an internship, a small applied research experience, a case study, a curriculum plan, etc. Work with your program advisor regarding ideas for, requirements for and evaluation of a final project. Determine which course you should enroll in while completing this assignment. In some cases it will be internship, practicum, project or independent study.

Once completed, we would encourage you to share the project during the annual Graduate Research Fair. In addition, we would encourage submission of the product to the EMU Halle Library Digital Commons site. It would serve as an example for other current graduate students and give new students or applicants an idea of projects completed with your degree. To submit to Digital Commons, email your final PDF version to your advisor, who will send it to the Graduate School. Please include a completed Rights and Permission form [PDF]. The Graduate School will coordinate posting the document to Digital Commons.

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