Class Enrollment at EMU


Registration Requirements

Students are required to enroll full-time in classes each fall and winter term.
  • 12 credits minimum for undergraduate students
  • 8 credits minimum for graduate students
  • Graduate Assistants are also required to enroll in at least 8 credits

 If your first semester at EMU is summer, you are also required to enroll in at least 8 credits

You are only allowed to take 1 online class per your minimum enrollment requirements above. If you are only enrolled in 1 class (for example, in your final term), this class cannot be taken online. You cannot take just online classes (unless it is summer and summer is not your first or last term).

If you are unable to be enrolled full-time for academic difficulties, medical concerns, or if it is your last term because you are graduating, you are required to complete and submit a Reduced Hours Form. See under "Immigration" for the Reduced Hours Forms.

If you are under enrolled without permission via the Reduced Hours Form, your SEVIS record will be terminated.

We highly recommend that you review the deadlines for dropping classes with a refund or withdrawal grade before submitting a Reduced Hours Form. Please see the Office of Records and Registration for more details at :

Dates & Deadlines

Activity Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Summer 2017 Fall 2017
Last day for full program admission and I-20/DS-2019 eligible for students overseas (except transfer I-20 requests) (5 business days before SEVIS last day for overseas shipping) Monday, August 1 Monday, November 28 Friday, March 31 Friday, July 28
Last day for overseas shipping Monday, August 8 Saturday, December 3 Monday, April 3 Monday, August 7
Last day for full program admission and I-20/DS-2019 eligible for students transferring from another U.S. institution (5 business days before SEVIS transfer completion) Monday, August 29 Thursday, December 15 Monday,
April 24
Friday, August 25
Bachelor’s, Grad Certificate, Master, Specialist and Doctoral MANDATORY UNITED International Student Orientation Friday, September 2- Sunday, September 4 Tuesday, January 3 Tuesday, May 2 (with SEVIS check-in) Friday,
September 1
Last day for I-20 issuance for students transferring from a U.S. institution Tuesday, September 6 Tuesday, January 3 Tuesday, May 2 Tuesday, September 5
Last date for new and continuing students to be registered full-time and attending class (last day to add courses via the web and submit Reduced Hours forms) Tuesday, September 13 Tuesday, January 10 Tuesday, May 9 Tuesday, September 12

Classes Offered

Most classes are offered in the Fall and Winter semesters. Fewer classes are offered during the summer semester. There are printed Class Schedule Books available that list course times, descriptions, and prerequisites. Class Schedule Books are also available online at:

Class Location

Most courses and programs are held on main campus. However, sometimes a course is offered at a different location. When you are signing up for classes, make sure each one is located on Main Campus. If you do decide to take a class off campus, you are responsible for your own transportation.

More Class Information

Please speak with your academic advisor or visit:


Before you can take some courses, it is required that you have completed another one or more specific courses beforehand. The Course Schedule Book lists prerequisites next to each course. You cannot register for a class if you have not met the prerequisites.

Students With Disabilities

If you have a documented disability, EMU can accommodate you. Please contact the Students with Disabilities Office to make an appointment with a Disability Specialist. You can reach the office at or 734-487-2470.

Family and Children In The United States

In Michigan, all children between the ages of 6 and 16 years must attend school by law. Public schools are free for children ages 5 years and older.

If You Decide NOT To Attend EMU

You must:

  • Return your I-20 to the International Admissions Office
  • Cancel any classes you enrolled in (or you will be charged tuition fees)
  • Cancel any housing arrangements you made
  • Cancel your enrollment for orientation and check-in.

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