Inviting a Visiting Scholar

Inviting a Visiting Scholar is a great way to add cultural diversity and international perspective to your curriculum and build international linkages. The Office for International Students and Scholars (OISS) is the university office responsible for issuing the immigration documents required for the scholar to apply for a J-visa.

It is extremely important that the Office for International Students and Scholars has the required information necessary to process the immigration documents in a timely manner. There are two J-1 request forms that are required, one for the visitor to complete and another for the requesting department. Both forms can be found on our forms page. These two completed forms and the following supporting documents must accompany the request:

  1. Résumé or CV of visitor
  2. Proof of funding for the visitor
  3. Invitation letter from host department verifying that:
    • The visitor is part of an exchange program in which EMU students and/or staff travel to the visitor's home country
    • The program description and that it is suitable for visitor's background, needs and experience
    • The visitor possesses sufficient English language ability to participate in program
    • The visitor will receive pre-arrival information on housing, living costs and health care, and a post-arrival orientation about campus and life in the U.S. by the host department
  4. Passport Identity Page photocopy
  5. Passport Identity Page photocopy for all dependents requiring a DS-2019

Please note:

  • Processing time for DS-2019 requests is 7–10 business days
  • Initial requests must be received a minimum of eight weeks prior to the anticipated arrival date
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to the host department

Helpful Information when Completing DS-2019 Requests

Exchange Categories

EMU is authorized to host non-U.S. scholars who are engaged in either research or teaching. Both categories allow for a minimum duration of three weeks and a maximum duration of five years.

  • Research Scholar - Individual who is primarily participating in a research project, and may also be involved in teaching.
  • Professor - Individual whose primary purpose is teaching; may also conduct a research project.

Funding Requirements

Minimum funding requirements are:

  • J-1 living expenses: $18,000/yr ($1500/month)
  • J-2 spouse living expenses: $5,000/yr
  • J-2 child living expenses, under 21 years of age: $3,000/year for each child

Arrival Information

J-visa regulations allow the scholar and dependents to arrive up to, but no more than, 30 days before the start date on the DS-2019. Program activities, however, should not commence until the DS-2019 start date.

Delay in Arrival/Start Date

The scholar must arrive and complete the check-in process with the OISS within 30 days of the start date on the DS-2019. Therefore, if there is a delay in the scholar's arrival of more than 20 days past the DS-2019 start date, the department must immediately inform the OISS of the need to change the program dates and issue a new DS-2019.

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