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Add F-2 Dependent(s)

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Concurrent Enrollment Form - Students who wish to take guest classes at another institution while also enrolled at EMU will submit this form

I-20 Extension 

  • I-20 Extension Form - Students who need additional time to complete their program of study can submit this form to extend their I-20 if they have required coursework left to complete

I-20 Shorten

  • I-20 Shorten Form - Students who complete their program early and wish to shorten their I-20 end date. Typically only used for students who want to waive future semester health insurance charges if completing the program early

Ph.D. Low Enrollment 

  • Ph.D. Low Enrollment Form - Ph.D. student will submit this form to report their low enrollment while completing their dissertation, internship, or practicum

Reduced Course Load

Transfer Out

  • Transfer Out Form - Submit this form if you are planning on transferring from EMU to another SEVIS approved school

Travel Signature

Visa Status

  • Change of Immigration Status Form - This form is for students who are on an F-1 visa and have applied or been approved for another visa status and need to end F-1 status
  • Change of Status to F-1 [PDF]
  • Permanent Departure Form - This form is for students who are departing the U.S. prior to their program end date and are withdrawing from classes or ending their employment if on OPT. Submission of this form will permanently end your current immigration record






FICA Exemption Summary

Social Security Letter(s)

Obtaining a SSN and I-9 Forms that students will need to submit to apply for the Social Security Number. Download these forms and bring them into OISS walk-in hours to get the required signatures. 


Post-Completion OPT Requests

OPT Reporting Forms

STEM OPT Requests

  • STEM OPT Extension Request Form - You will submit this form to request a STEM Extension OPT I-20 from OISS to apply for your 24 month OPT extension with USCIS

STEM OPT Reporting Forms

  • STEM Change Employer Form  - You will fill out this form if you are changing employers, ending your employment, or adding another job to your record
  • STEM Material Change Form - You will submit this form when you have a change that is happening with your current employer. For example, employer name, supervisor, EIN change, etc.
  • STEM Validation Form - You will submit this form confirming your employment details at the 6, 12, and 18-month periods and we will match this with your SEVIS record
  • STEM Evaluation Form - You will submit this form when you have reached the 12-month, and 24-month periods
  • EAD Card Submission Form - Submit your STEM EAD Card using this form

Cap Gap I-20

  • OPT/STEM Cap Gap I-20 Form - Students on OPT/STEM who have had their employer apply for the H-1B visa can submit this form to extend work authorization until their H-1B starts

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