Hosting a Visiting Scholar

Hosting a Visiting Scholar is a great opportunity to build international collaborations and research, while introducing your students to another culture and perspectives. Before agreeing to host a Visiting Scholar, please read the following department responsibilities.

The department is responsible for:

  1. Providing OISS with the required documentation needed for the DS-2019 processing
  2. Sending the DS-2019 to the scholar in their home country
  3. Assisting the visitor with transportation from the airport
  4. Arranging suitable housing
  5. Helping the scholar receive their EMU identification, the EagleOne card
  6. Completing any Academic Human Resources requests
  7. Apprising the OISS of any changes to the scholar's stay, such as a later arrival date
  8. Arranging a check-in appointment with an OISS advisor

Upon arrival, each visitor is required to meet with an OISS advisor to check in. This is required so the OISS can validate their arrival to the United States in the SEVIS immigration database. The scholar should bring his or her DS-2019, passport, I-94 card, proof of insurance coverage, and that of dependents (if applicable). During the time of check-in, scholars will receive important information on settling into campus and the U.S.

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