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EMU Police 1200 Oakwood Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

1200 Oakwood Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

  • EMU Police Emergency: 734.487.1222 or 911
  • Non Emergency Police Dispatch: 734.487.1222

Emergency Information

Eastern Michigan University uses a variety of methods to alert students and staff when an emergency situation occurs on campus. Text alerts, which are sent to your phone, provide real-time information. You will also receive an email containing information on the situation. Because the text to a mobile device is limited in size, the email will often contain additional detail. EMU also uses its social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, to alert the campus to emergencies and special situations.

EMU has also installed seven outdoor speaker systems that provide voice messages throughout the campus. These high-powered speakers use scripted messages to alert the campus to hazards and provide information on how to respond.

Police also use the four digital message billboards surrounding campus for emergency announcements. These display boards can convey key messages to the entire campus along with alerting passersby to stay away or that they may encounter abnormal activity around campus.

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