Start of Semester Refund Information

  • Fall refunds are available via your refund preference in the afternoon on the Friday before the first day of classes.
  • Winter refunds are available via your refund preference in the afternoon on the day before the first day of classes.
  • Refunds for dropped classes are not processed during the 100% drop period of each semester. These refunds will be processed within three business days of the 100% drop date.

Received a refund, but have a balance on account

  • Federal financial aid (Title IV funds) can only be used to pay direct educational charges (i.e. tuition, room, board, student fees, program fees). Unless you have an accepted authorization to pay form on file, you will need to pay all other fees.
  • Refunds will be issued for the full amount of the Title IV credit on the account. If non-educational charges exist on the account at the same time that a Title IV credits exists, it is possible for you to receive a refund and still have an outstanding balance that needs to be paid. 

Parent PLUS Loan Refunds

  • Refunds from Parent PLUS loans must be issued to your parent unless they designate that the refund can be issued to you. Parent PLUS loan refunds are processed bi-weekly and sent by check to the address your parent provides on the loan application. To change an address or update the refund designation, please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

General Refund Information

  • When financial aid award payments exceed tuition costs, academic fees and campus room and board, a refund will be processed.
  • Refunds are processed by Student Business Services once per week (on Wednesdays).
  • Refunds are processed through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX,
    Inc. Visit this link for more information:
  • Refunds are issued back to the credit card used for payment only after all Federal Title IV credits have been issued. Credit card refunds are processed by SBS weekly, but it may take up to three weeks for the credit to be reflected on the credit card.
  • Credits from payments by check are refunded after 10 business days from the date the payment is applied to the student account. Documentation from the bank issuing the check showing that the check has cleared can be submitted in order for a refund to be processed prior to the 10 business day waiting period.
  • Refunds are issued to the appropriate refund process if a Third Party payment is received after an initial check or credit card payment has been received to cover these charges. Refund amount will depend on what the Third Party will cover and other applicable charges on the students account.
  • Any student who receives large wire overpayments or large domestic/international check overpayments to his/her student account will only be refunded an amount up to the cost of attendance. Any funds exceeding the cost of attendance will be held on the account to credit future terms. If an international student is not enrolled in a spring or summer term, funds that have been received can be refunded for the cost of "Room and Board" for that semester only. The student must either have attended the prior term or be registered for a future term to qualify for a refund. If the student is not enrolling in future terms, any funds exceeding the cost of attendance will be returned to the source from which the payment came.
  • Questions about or requests for refunds should be sent to [email protected]

To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here.

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