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What's Coming?

Winter 2018

For the Winter 2018 semester, students will be receiving a statement for their charges in mid November.  This will give students an opportunity to enroll into a Fee Free Five Payment Plan by the end of the month. The deadline for this Fee Free Five Payment opportunity is November 30th, 2017.

Billing Information:

We made some changes back in Fall 2016 to the semester billing cycles.  The Winter semester bills are due prior to Financial Aid being released to the student accounts. In order for the bill to have the correct amount calculated, we are processing "Authorized Aid".  Authorized Financial Aid is aid that is scheduled for disbursement, with all the disbursement requirements completed.  Any Financial Aid that is not complete will not be included in the Authorized Aid amounts on your eBill.  If you are expecting your aid amount to be higher than what is listed as Authorized we suggest you review your MyEmich for outstanding requirements or contact the Financial Aid office directly. 

An account which has aid that is not Authorized prior to the first bill due date will be eligible to receive a hold and/or late fees. 

If your Authorized Aid amount is refundable and larger than your account balance, you may be eligible to receive a refund.  Winter refunds will be available beginning in the afternoon on the day before classes begin.

If your Authorized Aid amount is not enough to cover your balance in full and you are unable to pay your portion by the first Winter due date, you may sign up for a 4 month payment plan for $35 or pay the entire balance due by the first due date. Failure to set up a payment plan, or pay entire balance due by the first due date, will result in automatic enrollment in a 3 installment payment plan at a charge of $55 and a $60 late fee. Any change in enrollment may result in a balance owed to EMU.

Graduate & Doctoral Differential Tuition

Starting with the Fall 2015 semester, the Graduate and Doctoral programs are no longer being assessed Program fees.  Some programs within certain Colleges may now be charged a Differential Tuition charge.

More information can be found on the Differential Tuition Chart.

Payment Plan

Past Due Balances The payment plan will now include charges from previous semesters. When attempting to enroll in the payment plan if you have outstanding charges from a previous semester, those charges will be combined as "previous balance term(s)" and will be divided among the installment payments. If a student has a credit balance owed (potential refund due) for the current semester and past due charges, enrollment in the payment plan will not be allowed the student must have eligible charges from the current semester in order to enroll in the payment plan. 

Eagle OneCard

Winter 2018 refunds will be available prior to classes starting on January 2, 2018.

During the Winter Semester, all registered students will be issued an Eagle OneCard. Students who have registered for the Winter Semester before December 10, 2017 and have not been in to get their photo taken to receive their Eagle OneCard will be mailed an ID card to their permanent mailing address. Your Eagle OneCard will then arrive in 5-7 business days.

If you have already received your Eagle OneCard please be sure to select a refund preference at Selecting your refund preference will also activate your on campus access.

Rec/IM Facility Fee

Eastern Michigan University’s Recreation and Intramural Sports Department (Rec/IM) strives to provide the campus and surrounding community with quality recreation facilities and activities, which promotes a healthy lifestyle through participation in exercise, individual and team sports, educational programs and recreational events.

This new Student Government approved fee of $35, will be used for the improvements and maintenance of the Rec/IM facility and surrounding area.

A message from Student Government:

"Our Rec/IM is the single largest athletic facility in Michigan with 5 floors and 188,000 square feet. It is a crown jewel of Eastern's yet, it is in disarray. Our facility needs to be renovated badly as it has not seen significant upgrades in 30+ years. It is a space that is used by thousands of students, and many others in the surrounding Ypsilanti community. That is why Student Government, in January of 2017, proposed and passed a per semester fee of $35 dollars that would allow some of the renovations that our Rec/IM, its staff and our students have asked to happen. It would go straight onto your e-bill and you can opt out of paying that fee if you feel that is best for your financial standing.

This small cost to use the Rec/IM building is often a mandatory fee in the hundreds of dollars that other universities force their students to pay. Nowhere near the $35 for ours. Even at the very least, we are providing the option to opt-out but beware, if the opt-out is used, the Rec/IM will be closed to you. You can always opt back in but realistically, this small amount is roughly the cost of seven Starbucks' caramel macchiatos, 2 large delivered pizzas, and not even half the price of a nice pair of shoes. I know that some of us buy all of these within a week versus an entire semester’s use of the Rec!

I am confident good things will come out of this, for example, the Student Center needed a fee to be built, and it became the #1 ranked student center in the country. We know there are more issues; social, physical, institutional, on campus that need to be addressed, and most of them are already being worked on. Yet, as it stands the Rec desperately needs renovations, and money cannot grow on trees, so the fee is a small price to pay to aid in getting our fantastic Rec to the condition that the students at Eastern deserve!"

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