City of Dearborn Discount Offer

Eastern Michigan University, one of the top universities in Michigan and a leader in flexible degree completion opportunities, offers a tuition discount opportunity to eligible City of Dearborn employees. This offer begins with EMU's Fall 2019 semester following admittance and employment verification.

Eastern Michigan University will provide current employees of the City of Dearborn with a 25 percent tuition discount for undergraduate courses and a 33 percent discount for graduate courses in any of our more than 350 majors, minors, and graduate programs. The offer applies to those taking full or part-time schedules. The offer applies only to classroom courses offered on campus, and excludes coursework in fully online degree programs and in the public safety staff & command program. Fully online degree programs are priced very competitively in the marketplace.

As part of the offer, Eastern offers an expedited admissions process, an application fee waiver code and dedicated email contact and website for easy communication.

As a statewide leader in the seamless transition of credits from other institutions, including community colleges, Eastern also provides a prior learning assessment, in which students may receive academic credit for previous work experience. Each individual college will work with each student to assess opportunities for previous academic credit.  

Undergraduate Application Fee Waiver Code: DB19 (*please note the code is case sensitive)

Verification Needed: Please provide proof of City of Dearborn employment by email from HR

Phone Number: 734.487.8957

This phone number goes to the Transfer Admissions office. If a representative is not available, it will prompt the caller to leave a voicemail so one of our advisors can get in touch with the potential student.

Dedicated Email:  [email protected]

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