Professional Development

EdCamp EMWP - An EdCamp Focused on All Forms of Literacy 

When: Saturday, September 29, 2018 from 8am - 4pm 

Where: Pray-Harrold Hall, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI 

SCECHS: 5 SCHECHs will be offered.


Hashtag: #edcampemwp

PARKING: All day parking will be available for $3 for those who pre-register for EdCamp by Friday, September 15.  Please note that guests who leave a parking lot during the day cannot return using the same parking pass.

BREAKFAST: Bagels and coffee will be provided.
LUNCH:We are also working on a way for you to preorder and prepay for lunch. If this works, we will shortened lunch to one hour so we will be done earlier.
SCHEDULE: Once it is finalized, it will be posted here.
SACRED WRITING: We have a room set aside for your personal writing.
GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY: If you stay till the end, you will be entered in our giveaway. We're gathering donations as we speak. 

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