General Writing Support Consultants

Our General Writing Support consultants serve all Eastern undergraduate students and hold in-person consultations by appointment only Monday through Thursday in Halle Library and Pray-Harrold during the Fall 2021 semester. They are also available for Zoom consultations Monday through Friday, and for Written Feedback consultations daily. To schedule a consultation, go to WCOnline.


Pursuing MFA in Creative Writing

Andi is a current graduate student in the MA Creative Writing program. Following a long history of editing, consulting, and tutoring, this will be their first year consulting for the UWC as well as their first year as an instructor for EMU's First-Year Writing Program. They are passionate about unleashing writers' creativity and helping writers develop confidence. In their free time, Andi enjoys writing and reading non-traditional fantasy fiction and spends many weekends playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.


Pursuing MFA in Creative Writing

Brandon is a Graduate Student in Eastern Michigan University's Creative Writing program. He has been consulting with the University Writing Center for approximately a year and enjoys working with students to help them curate the best paper possible. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys spending time between writing and reading and being outdoors, either on nature trails or at a café. Brandon is also an avid Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers fan and likes to blog about them in his spare time as well.


PhD in English Language and Literature

Cecilia has been teaching college-level writing and literature classes since 1988 at UofM and EMU. In 2000, she left teaching to start a family, launch a writing consultation service, and become a beekeeper. When her daughter was four years old, Cecilia returned to teaching at EMU where she now works jointly for the University Writing Center and the School of Nursing. She also teaches beekeeping at MSU's Novi Campus, runs approximately 100 hives of honey bees in Northfield Township and at The Farm at St. Joe's Hospital, and sells many types of honey bee products at local farmers markets and festivals.


Pursuing BS in English Language
Minor in General Business and Communication

Daniel is a senior undergraduate student who has been working at the writing center as a peer tutor for three years. He takes a great amount of pride in his work as a consultant and is honored to be able to assist students in refining and perfecting their own work. After graduating from Eastern, Daniel hopes to pursue a career in the publications field as a professional editor.


Pursuing BA of Music in Music Performance

Delani is in her second year at Eastern and she is majoring in cello performance. This is her first year as a peer tutor. In her free time she likes to make music, spend time with her friends, and play video games. After college, she hopes to make a career in teaching cello and improvised music along with performing at events.


Pursuing MA in Writing Studies

Hannah is an MA student in the Writing Studies program. This is Hannah’s first year at the University Writing Center. In addition to working at the UWC, Hannah will work with the Digital Studio. Hannah discovered her passion for writing her sophomore year of high school. Since then, Hannah’s earned her undergraduate degree from Eastern in English and public relations. During that time, Hannah was a PRSSA member, wrote a few articles for the Eastern Echo, and worked at DTE Energy as a Student Co-op. Other than writing in her spare time, Hannah loves spending time with her three nieces, riding horses, creating wood art, baking, and exercising.


Pursuing BA in Creative Writing
Minor in Professional Writing

Iyad has always been fascinated by fictional writing, mostly, but has also developed an interest in every other genre of writing as well. He is originally from Lebanon and was a peer tutor for a little over a year before transferring to Eastern. Iyad is an avid reader and writer, constantly searching for means to improve his own writing alongside whatever writing he comes across. As a gamer and a writer, Iyad plans on developing a career as a narrative or professional writer.


Pursuing BA in Secondary Education Language, Literature & Writing

This will be Jalen's third year at Eastern and his first year consulting with the UWC. In his free time he enjoys reading and going out with friends. After he graduates he hopes to either begin teaching at a high school in the Metro Detroit area or apply for graduate school; he hasn't decided yet. He looks forward to helping students the same way he has received help from the UWC in the past.


Pursuing BA in English, Creative Writing Concentration

Jasmine is currently a junior at EMU. In her free time she reads a lot of poetry and writes it as well. After college, she hopes to earn a MFA and get a job that caters to her communication, creative and marketing skills. Her main areas of expertise are poetry, literary analysis, argumentative papers and research papers, but she is open to consult on any type of writing.


Pursuing MA in Writing Studies

Bachelor of Arts in English

Jennifer is currently in the Writing Studies Graduate Program. Her undergraduate degree is in English at the University of Detroit Mercy, where she served as a writing center consultant for two years. Though this is her first year working in the UWC at EMU, she is excited to get back to helping students build confidence in their writing voice. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing while watching lots of TLC.


Pursuing BA in Secondary Education Language, Literature, & Writing

Karley is a third year education student and new peer tutor. Her writing interests include feminist literature, poetry, and education research. Karley plans to teach high school English along with publishing her own writing and continuing studies in literature. In her free time she writes poetry, bakes, and paints portraits. She has most experience in literary analysis, professional writing, and creative writing, but is comfortable with any genre. Karley is beginning her honors research in English and studying Muriel Rukeyser's poetry. She looks forward to sharing her experiences and exploring writing with others!


PhD Candidate in Educational Leadership program

MA in Written Communication: Teaching of Writing

Kim has been consulting and serving as Associate Director of the University Writing Center for more than ten years. She is grateful for the many wonderful teaching and learning opportunities that she has had at Eastern, including teaching first-year writing and the peer tutoring course and being trained in Reading Apprenticeship and Cognitive Coaching. She enjoys helping writers explore topics, develop ideas, and find their own voice in their writing. Outside of work, Kim likes to read, write, walk, garden, study at coffee shops, and spend time with family and friends.


MA in Children's Literature

BA in Children's Literature

Kristi has been a consultant at the University Writing Center for four years, while she worked to complete both her undergraduate and graduate degree in Children's Literature. In addition to her work with the UWC, she is also a First-Year Writing Instructor. She loves to be a mom, read, write, learn, listen to podcasts and cross-stitch in her "free" time, as well as consult with a variety of different writers from the UWC, YpsiWrites, and the Washtenaw County Writing Center for Secondary Students.


Pursuing MA in Education

Maja, a Master's student in the Education program, has been a student at Eastern for many years and a lifelong resident of Ypsi-Arbor. Language and literature are two of her greatest loves, and in her free time she is usually reading or writing. She is in her second year at the UWC and has found it to be an enriching experience and is honored to get to read the work of her fellow students. After graduation, she intends on teaching English abroad.

Marah Jo

Pursuing MA in Literature

Marah is in their second year of the M.A. in Literature Program. They have worked at the UWC for over a year now. Marah prefers they/them. They attended Olivet College where they were the head tutor at the situations Writing Center for 3 years. They have experience with essay writing, creative writing, editing, proofreading, resume building, graduate entrance essays, letters of intent, close readings/literature based essays, and various other genres of writing. When they aren’t reading or writing, they like to hang out with their dogs, a one year old Chihuahua named Mickey and a 5 year old lab and whippet mix named Bentley. Marah also likes to spend time with their five year old nephew and love to travel. They have been to Canada and spent a few weeks in Japan in an undergraduate travel abroad course. Once they obtain their M.A, they hope to teach abroad in Asia, preferably Japan, Korea, or Thailand (hopefully all 3!)


Pursuing MA in Creative Writing

BA in Creative Writing

Marie is a creative writing graduate student, and she is a graduate assistant for the Writing Center and First Year Writing. She also graduated from Eastern with a Bachelor's degree in creative writing and two minors in literature and art history. During her time as an undergraduate, she worked in the Writing Center as a receptionist and then became a writing consultant her last semester as a senior. Marie has a passion for poetry and Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, and she has been on two study abroad trips to Italy. She loves helping students become more comfortable with writing, and she looks forward to supporting students in the writing process.


Pursuing MA in Children's Literature

BA in Journalism

Publishing Certificate

Michelle is excited to join the UWC as a graduate consultant this year. She earned her BA in ‘08 from Grand Valley State University. Then, she married a boy, moved to Minnesota (literally the day after the wedding), and lived happily in the Twin Cities for many years. Two children later, Michelle and her husband moved to the Czech Republic where they taught at an international K-12 school for five years. When she is off campus, Michelle enjoys sewing, traveling, and participating in community theater. If you are a student in the Children’s Literature program, you might also find Michelle TA’ing one of your classes this year. 


Pursuing BA in Art History
Minor in Anthropology

Natalie is a transfer student in her senior year at Eastern. This is her third year consulting at the UWC and she couldn't be more excited to work with student writers again. When she is not consulting, Natalie enjoys getting lost in foreign cities, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, and meeting fluffy dogs on the street. She looks forward to working with you this school year.


MA in Written Communication: Teaching of Writing
MA in Children's Literature

Pam is in her eleventh year of teaching at Eastern Michigan University. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1987 from EMU. She worked for a book and journal manufacturer for eighteen and a half years. She received her Master’s in Children’s Literature in 2007 and her Master’s in Written Communication with an emphasis in writing in 2011. She taught Harry Potter: Children’s Literature, Literary Allusion, and Pop Culture for six years at EMU and she has now taught in the First-Year Writing program for ten years. She was a consultant for the University Writing Center from 2009-2011. She returned to the UWC in 2017 and enjoys the one-on-one work with undergrad and grad students. Volunteering has also been a big part of her life. She has volunteered for the Ann Arbor District Library Friends Bookshop since 2010 and is a volunteer for YpsiWrites, a part of the Office of Campus and Community Writing at EMU. She is a 2012 EMWP Fellow, a Cognitive Coach, and Adaptive Schools participant. Pam’s passion for comics and graphic novels has been a big part of her teaching. She incorporates comics and graphic memoir/novels into her curriculum. Gardening, reading, drawing, journaling, and walking her two-year-old Yorkie/Havanese, Annie, are the hobbies that have kept her sane during the last year.


Pursuing BA in Creative Writing

Sarah is a junior at EMU majoring in Creative Writing. This is their first year consulting at the University Writing Center. Sarah also writes for the EMU Today website. In her free time, she likes to read, write, draw, and play video games. Sarah is very eager to offer help to any writer who needs it.


Pursuing BA in K-12 Spanish Education & TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 

This will be Tristan’s third year at Eastern and her first year as a consultant at the University Writing Center! In her free time, she likes to spend time with loved ones, educate herself and others on social justice issues, cook, read, and watch Hulu/Netflix. Tristan will be doing two study abroad programs in the near future to Czechia and Spain. After college, Tristan wants to teach, but honestly, she does not know where or what quite yet! She is hoping that her study abroad experiences help her figure out what she wants to do with her skill set. She would love to work where she can use both Spanish and English to help her students be better, more global citizens.


Pursuing BA in Philosophy & Political Science

Zach is a senior studying philosophy at Eastern and focuses primarily on ethics and epistemology. Outside of class and work Zach enjoys reading and creative writing and their favorite place to write in are coffee shops with quiet music playing. The thing Zach enjoys the most about working in the University Writing Center is being exposed to different writing styles and techniques and sharing the "tools of the trade!"

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