General Writing Support Consultants


All UWC consultants are able to offer writing support for undergraduates on any subject. Go to WCOnline to make an appointment with any of our general writing support consultants, below.


Pursuing Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in philosophy

Brooklyn is a third-year English student studying creative writing and minoring in philosophy. This is her second year consulting at the UWC. Brooklyn enjoys working at the UWC because stressing about essays forges some of the best conversations and every writer teaches her something new. In her spare time she tries to read something a professor didn't assign, spend time with family, watch bad movies, and write as much as possible. 


Bachelor of Arts in Drama; K-8 Teaching Certification; pursuing a Master of Arts in Creative Writing

Patrick is excited to begin working in the writing center this fall. He's is a former public school teacher now pursuing his MA in creative writing with hopes of teaching at the college level. Patrick sought work in the writing center in order to get a closer look at where students are succeeding and struggling with academic writing. He is the author of two young adult novels and has a third coming out next year. 


PhD in English Renaissance Literature

Cecilia has been teaching literature, theory, and professional writing since the 1990s to undergraduate and graduate students at EMU and the University of Michigan. She currently serves as the UWC coordinator to CHHS and supports writing initiatives across the university and in the local community. She also teaches beekeeping, operates three apiaries, and runs an organization that promotes the therapeutic power of beekeeping for individuals with PTSD, as well as the healing role of bee products in human and animal health. 


Bachelor of Applied Arts in Early Childhood Development and Learning; pursuing Master of Arts in Writing Studies 

Sienna is new to the UWC, and they are excited to help students revise their papers.  They've always loved to write, and one of their favorite parts about writing is taking a piece apart and putting it back together in the most efficient, effective way.  They enjoy reading, writing, and rewatching Tokyo Ghoul, and one day, they'd love to be a published author.


Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional Writing Concentration; Honors Associate of Arts; Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice; pursuing Master of Arts in Writing Studies, Teaching of Writing Concentration

Lisa is returning to Writing Center consulting after previously working in the St. Clair County Community College (SC4) Writing Center for three years. They earned their Bachelor of Arts in English from EMU and returned as a graduate student with aspirations of eventually teaching at the community college level. Lisa is passionate about accessible education and social justice, passions that they developed after they served as a Regional Officer in the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for two-year colleges. In the UWC, they are motivated to help students from diverse backgrounds engage in the self-discovery process of developing their own unique writing voice across genres. Outside of school, Lisa is a freelance writer, stand-up comedian, and avid tabletop role-playing gamer. In their spare time, they love organizing Spotify playlists, binging Netflix shows, building random things in Minecraft or Animal Crossing, and spending time at home with their partner and their two cats.


Associates of Science; pursuing Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring in Language, Literature, and Writing and minoring in Communications & Theater

While this is Emilee’s second year as a peer tutor here at EMU’s Writing Center, she worked in the Monroe County Community College Writing Center for two years prior. She especially loves writing research papers and being a grammar nerd and aspires to be a middle or high school English teacher when she gets her degree. Aside from working in the writing center and taking classes, Emilee spends her time working with an after-school program called Bright Futures, competing in pageants with the Miss America Organization, and serving as president of the Evergreen A Capella group on campus. 


Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature; pursuing Master of Arts in Literature, Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

A new member of the UWC, Kaley is looking forward to helping students become concise and confident writers. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Kaley has worked both in supply chain administration and as a veterinary assistant. Years of editing colleagues’ emails and getting lost in conversations about literature and storytelling brought her back to passions as a graduate student in Eastern Michigan University’s English program. She hopes to engage students with her love of literary analysis and seeks to give students the tools to be critical literary consumers. In her spare time, Kaley loves playing video games, crafting resin jewelry, watercolor painting, and watching anime on the couch with her cat, Lumie.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology 

Irsah is currently a third year student majoring in Biology at Eastern Michigan University, and this is her second year working as a consultant at the University Writing Center. She enjoys working at the writing center because she is able to support writers at any point of the writing process. Outside of EMU, Irsah likes to read, paint, take nature walks, and spend time with her bunny. After finishing her undergrad, Irsah hopes to go to dental school.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

Joud is an undergraduate majoring in engineering physics, with an interest in writing and literature analysis. Her first language is Arabic and her interest in languages made it easy for her to be fluent in English and Turkish, too. She works as a writer for The Eastern Echo and enjoys doing all kinds of research and asking questions about the universe and life in general. In her free time, she likes to read, swim, and paint. 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Creative Writing Concentration

Kaycee is a Senior pursuing two bachelors degrees, and plans on getting a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is an undergraduate consultant at the UWC, works at the EMU Children's Institute, and is on EMU's Rowing Team. Kaycee enjoys writing poetry and children's books, painting, watching the Food Network, and learning to cook.


Pursuing Bachelor of Music Education

Mariana is a fourth year student majoring in Instrumental Music Education. This is her second year with the UWC. Mariana enjoys helping writers find the tools they need to feel like they can be successful. In her free time she enjoys playing viola, cooking, and reading. After college Mariana hopes to find a teaching job as an elementary music teacher and/or an orchestra teacher. 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, minoring in Psychology

Najiyah is a junior pursuing an English degree! Her favorite hobbies are biking, painting, and journaling. She began working at the UWC in Fall 2022. Through both Research and Creative Writing, she has indulged deeply into the intricacies of writing, but also likes to help others become strong writers themselves. 


Master of Arts in Written Communication; Master of Arts in Children's Literature; Bachelor of Fine Arts

Pam McCombs is in her twelfth year of teaching at Eastern Michigan University. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1987 from EMU. She worked for a book and journal manufacturer for eighteen and a half years. She received her Master’s in Children’s Literature in 2007 and her Master’s in Written Communication with an emphasis in writing in 2011. She taught Harry Potter: Children’s Literature, Literary Allusion, and Pop Culture for six years at EMU and she has now taught in the First-Year Writing program for ten years. She was a consultant for the University Writing Center from 2009-2011. She returned to the UWC in 2017 and enjoys one-on-one work with undergrad and grad students. Volunteering has also been a big part of her life. She volunteered for the Ann Arbor District Library Friends Bookshop for ten years and now volunteers for YpsiWrites, a part of the Office of Campus and Community Writing at EMU. She is also a 2012 EMWP Fellow, a Cognitive Coach, and an Adaptive Schools participant. Pam’s passion for comics and graphic novels has been a big part of her teaching. She incorporates comics and graphic memoir/novels into her curriculum. Reading, gardening and walking her four-year-old Yorkie/Havanese, Annie, are the hobbies that have kept her sane during the Pandemic.


Master of Arts in Linguistics 

Shelby is the UWC Satellite Coordinator for Pray-Harrold. She got both her bachelor’s and master degrees at Eastern Michigan University. She enjoys working at the UWC because she loves helping students learn to enjoy writing. 

Sydney S.

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree; considering International Business with a minor in Japanese

Sydney S. is a junior working her second year as a consultant at the University Writing Center. She likes to spend her free time hanging out with friends, reading, painting/drawing, listening to music, and watching movies. After college, she hopes to go to graduate school and eventually move to Japan to grow her fluency in the Japanese language. To Sydney, the best thing about working in the UWC is the experience of meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as well as learning how to grow her writing and tutoring skills. 

Sydney V. H.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, minoring in History

Sydney is a senior, pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She spends most of her spare time up north exploring and viewing the stars from her telescope. Sydney's main areas of interest are history and literature (especially Native American Lit.), and she is currently learning Spanish to better her love of knowledge. She has a special love for writing argumentative papers but loves to write anything.


Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and English Linguistics; pursuing Master of Arts in English Linguistics 

Olivia is a current graduate student studying Linguistics. She graduated from EMU in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and English Linguistics. Her academic and research interests center around grammatical features such as Case, as well as the ways in which language is adapting to the introduction of technology and globalization. In her free time, Olivia loves to write short stories, play video games, and hang out with her dog, Pixie. 


Pursuing a graduate level program in Speech Pathology

Paul is a fourth year Linguistics Major student minoring in Japanese Language and Psychology. He is starting out at the UWC this semester. He looks forward to working at the UWC since he wants to help fellow students stress out less about deadlines and difficult assignments. In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry and playing video games. 


Pursing a Bachelor of Science in Biology

De is a second-year Biology student with a concentration in Anatomy and Physiology. They are also a Pre-Veterinary Major. They are excited to work at the UWC and with students and their writing. They love writing and have done a lot of research papers. They look forward to helping others with their writing skills. They love the sharing of ideas that comes with writing. When not writing, they enjoy gaming and crocheting. They also love travel and have studied abroad before.



Pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in 3D Art

Roslyn is just starting work at the UWC but has done some unofficial tutoring in the past. She believes one of the best ways to improve her own writing is to help others strengthen theirs. She finds delight in the English language’s quirks and enjoys helping others navigate their way through it. In her off time, she likes to watch anime, crime dramas, and true crime shows (as long as they catch the perpetrator in the end), embroider, and play Nintendo games like the Legend of Zelda series.


Pursuing a Master's degree in Professional Writing

Susie has been writing for as long as she could remember, from short stories, to poems, to scripts. She is a firm believer that everyone is a writer and deserves to be comfortable writing. Susie wants to help struggling writers understand how they can use their passion to benefit their writing. She is a cat lover and an avid movie-goer, and hopes to graduate with a master's degree in Professional Writing and work as a screenwriter one day. 


Associate of Arts; pursuing Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature with a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

Gracie is a first-year student currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English, with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Throughout their life, writing has always been a comfort and English has always been their favorite subject in school. After going through several years of community college, they found it impactful to edit other peers' papers. As they start their work for the UWC, they hope to inspire writers and help them find a voice in their pieces. They love listening to music and making playlists. In their free time, they like to do fun activities with their friends.  


Pursuing Bachelor of English

Benni is a new recruit for the writing center. Born and raised in Detroit, Benni was surrounded by creatives. They have been working on hobby writing for creative storytelling, as well as studying professional writing here at EMU. They enjoy seeing others grow with their writing and helping writers find their voice. They are excited to work with their peers through the writing center. Their goal is to be an author of poetry and fiction books. They are also a big fan of bears and happy to spill fun facts!


Pursuing a Bachelor of Art in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Priya is a second-year undergraduate student studying Philosophy and Psychology. She is excited to start consulting in the fall. Writing has always been one of her favorite parts of school, and she hopes that as a consultant she'll be able to share her love for learning with other students and make the process more enjoyable. In her free time, Priya loves to cook and play guitar (though not particularly well). 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Ecology, Organismal Diversity & Evolution concentration

Kris enrolled at EMU in Fall of 2020 and spent three years as a Psychology major and Human Biology minor before switching to a Biology major with a concentration in Ecology, Organismal Diversity & Evolution. This is her first semester working in the UWC. She has worked on a variety of academic writing projects, and she looks forward to helping students of all backgrounds gain confidence in their writing. Kris is passionate about effective scientific communication and education. Her overall goal is to make science accessible and inviting to anyone. Outside of school, Kris loves to bake, play video games, visit museums, and care for all of her houseplants and invertebrate pets. After graduating, her goal is to work as a field research biologist and wildlife conservation educator. 


Associates of Science; pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration

Alla is pursuing a degree in health administration, with plans to continue working towards a master's degree in clinical research administration. She greatly values the richness of the English language and finds satisfaction in both technical, as well as creative writing. Alla is a bilingual speaker, with experience in translations of legal documents and short stories. This background amplifies her strong belief that the writer's voice should be kept intact. When she gets opportunities to travel she loves to visit beautiful libraries and fall asleep in quiet enclaves, until she is unceremoniously awakened by a librarian.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

Laiba is an undergraduate student majoring in Finance, who has recently started working as a writing consultant at the University Writing Center. She enjoys spending her leisure time writing, or learning to write. With a keen passion for writing, both professionally and personally, she aims to capture the simplicity in writing and share it with anyone who may find it challenging. 

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