General Writing Support Consultants


Alyssa A.

Master of Arts student, Linguistics program

Alyssa is a first year graduate student. Before joining Eastern’s Linguistics MA program, she was a professional writer and editor in New York City. She enjoys brainstorming strong essay perspectives, talking through how to create compelling arguments, and helping writers develop their own voices across diverse subject matters. Alyssa has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Linguistics and Spanish.


Alyssa S.

Bachelor of Arts student, Literature & Communication program
Minor in Women's & Gender Studies

Alyssa is a fourth-year student at EMU studying literature and communication, and this is also her fourth year consulting for the University Writing Center. She is very passionate about writing and helping others, so working in the writing center has been a great fit! She feels most rewarded when students come out of consultations feeling more confident about their writing and ideas. In her free time, she likes to cook, ride her bike, travel, and spoil her younger sister with Starbucks.



Master of Arts, Literature

This is Andre's first semester in the writing center, but he has been teaching at EMU since 1998. He teaches WRTG 121, Science Fiction, African American Literature, Afrofuturism, and Poetry. His professional writing generally deals with the history, narrative structure and representation of minority peoples in comic books. He is also an accomplished poet and spends his free time obsessing about Batman and soccer.



Master of Arts student, Creative Writing program

Brandon is a graduate student in his second year at Eastern Michigan University. This is his first year working in the University Writing Center but he is very interested in connecting with any and everyone who desires help with their writing. It will be a learning experience for everyone involved. In his free time, he enjoys reading literature and writing stories, walking with his dog and spending time with his partner and other friends. After he graduates from EMU, he would like to spend some time traveling and then settle down as a teacher. He also would like to have a podcast pertaining to sports.


Early College Alliance program
Plans to major in TESOL and minor in French

Brianna is a peer tutor and has been working at the University Writing Center since the winter semester of 2020. Since working there, she's helped EMU students with speeches, essays, sending email proposals to create new organizations, and more. She's had an amazing experience working at the Writing Center while also being able to continue with her other passions. Among other things, she loves to learn about new cultures (including new languages); plan events; and dance. After she graduates, she hopes to teach English around the world and become an activist in every country she visits.


Bachelor of Arts student, English Language & Literature and Marketing programs

Daniel is an English/Marketing major currently entering his junior year here at Eastern Michigan University. One of our newest additions to the University Writing Center, Daniel has been eagerly helping students revise their writings and hone their literary skills since late last year. After completing his education, Daniel plans on entering the publication field as an editor and eventually publishing his own works as a novelist.



David has taught a variety of courses at Eastern since 1999 including WRTG 121, WRTG 225, Beat Literature, Native American Literature, Introduction to Poetry, Fiction and Drama and Studies in the British Novel. His essay "Creative Writers and Revision" which was published in the book Revision: History, Theory, and Practice explores the ways poets, novelists and dramatists employ revision as an essential part of the creative process. He is a runner and classical pianist with a particular fondness for J.S. Bach and William Byrd. His book on the American artist Robert Crumb will be published in February, 2021 and he was just notified that his book manuscript The Beats in Mexico has been accepted by Rutgers University Press. This is David's first semester serving as a consultant with the University Writing Center. He has enjoyed writing this in the third person, as he recalls from his high school Latin days that Julius Caesar composed "The Gallic Wars" in the third person as well. 



Bachelor of Arts student, Professional Writing program
Minor in Creative Writing

Elizabeth is a senior at Eastern and has been consulting with the University Writing Center since the Winter 2020 semester. When there's not a pandemic, she loves to go swing dancing in her free time, but lately enjoys having plenty of movie nights and going on walks. After college, Elizabeth is unsure of exactly what she wants to do, but is thinking about going into publishing.


Early College Alliance program
Plans to pursue an engineering degree

Heather is an ECA student who has been consulting in the University Writing Center for about a year. She likes to spend her free time watching movies. After college, she hopes to find a job in the engineering field. She likes working in the UWC because she can interact with writers and help students with their papers.


General Education student

Jasmine has been working as a peer mentor for about one year. One of the things she enjoys about being a peer mentor is the ability to meet and talk with so many different students. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, baking, and sketching! After completing her undergraduate degree, Jasmine plans to attend medical school to study dermatology.


Master of Arts student, Literature program
Bachelor of Science, Written Communication

Joan earned her B.S. in Professional Writing with a minor in Creative Writing in 2019 and will graduate next spring with her M.A. in Literature. After graduation, she hopes to become a writer for a nonprofit or charity organization.

Joan has worked at the Writing Center for three years. She is happy to collaborate with students on any and all types of projects, but she especially loves creative writing/narrative projects, literary analyses, and argumentative essays.

In her free time, Joan enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, cooking/baking, debating, visiting her family's two cats in her hometown, and spending quality time with her friends and family, whom she pranks often. Much of her time this academic year will be dedicated to writing her M.A. thesis on James Baldwin, her favorite writer.


Bachelor of Arts student, History and Communication programs
Minor in Continental European Studies

Joanne is in her fourth and final year at EMU, studying History and Communication. She is writing an honors thesis about Renaissance sculpture in Florence, Italy. Joanne has been a consultant at the University Writing Center since the fall of 2018 and loves working as a peer tutor. Her favorite part of consulting is being able to help writers build confidence, as they often don't give their writing the credit and praise it deserves. Outside of school, she loves camping and being outdoors, watching football and hockey, traveling, and attending concerts. While she loves the Eagles, Joanne is a lifelong fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. After graduation, Joanne hopes to pursue a career in public policy. She wants to make her community a better place and believes the best way she can do that is to help create policy that improves and protects the lives of every person.


PhD student, Educational Leadership program
Master of Arts, Written Communication: Teaching of Writing

Kim has been consulting and serving as Associate Director of the University Writing Center for more than ten years. She is grateful for the many wonderful teaching and learning opportunities that she has had at Eastern, including teaching first-year writing and the peer tutoring course and being trained in Reading Apprenticeship and Cognitive Coaching. She enjoys helping writers explore topics, develop ideas, and find their own voice in their writing. Outside of work, Kim likes to read, write, walk, garden, study at coffee shops, and spend time with family and friends.


Master of Arts, Children's Literature
Bachelor of Arts, Children's Literature

Kristi has been a consultant at the University Writing Center for three years, while she worked to complete both her undergraduate and graduate degree in Children's Literature. In addition to her work with the UWC, she is also a First-Year Writing Instructor. She loves to be a mom, read, write, learn, listen to podcasts and cross-stitch in her "free" time, as well as consult with a variety of different writers from the UWC, YpsiWrites, and the Washtenaw County Writing Center for Secondary Students.


Master of Arts student, Linguistics program

L'Meese is a first-year graduate student in the MA Linguistics program. She loves unanswerable questions and dad-jokes. This is L'Meese's first year at EMU's writing center, but she has a long history of tutoring and teaching English and loves helping people discover their voices and develop confidence in their writing abilities.


Bachelor of Science student, Psychology and Communication programs
Minor in Business Management

Maddy is a senior and this is her third year at the Writing Center. She is the President of Active Minds at EMU and is very passionate about mental health advocacy. She is also a tour guide with a lot of school spirit and is always happy to help you find your way around campus! Maddy can't wait to work with you and help you grow as a writer.


Master of Arts student, Education program

Maja has been a student at Eastern for many years, and a lifelong resident of Ypsi-Arbor. Language and literature are two of her greatest loves, and in her free time she is usually reading or writing. Although she is new at the UWC, she's already found it to be an enriching experience and is honored to get to read the work of her fellow students. After graduation, she intends on teaching English abroad.


Master of Arts student, Literature program
Bachelor of Arts, English

This is Marah's first year consulting for UWC and they are very excited! They are pursuing an M.A. in Literature as one their milestones as they continue their journey to eventually become a professor of English and Literature and whatever other opportunities come their way. In their free time they read, particularly world literature and international fiction. Marah also enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and memoir pieces. An interesting fact about Marah is that they are currently learning Thai and Korean. While pursing their BA at Olivet College, they worked at their undergraduate writing center and loved every moment of it. They love to help others, and Marah likes to grow as a writer and person them self with each new student they help; they can't wait to have those experiences again.


Master of Arts student, Creative Writing program
Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing

Marie is a creative writing graduate student, and she is a graduate assistant for the Writing Center and First Year Writing. She also graduated from Eastern with a Bachelor's degree in creative writing and two minors in literature and art history. During her time as an undergraduate, she worked in the Writing Center as a receptionist and then became a writing consultant her last semester as a senior. Marie has a passion for poetry and Italian Renaissance and Baroque art, and she has been on two study abroad trips to Italy. She loves helping students become more comfortable with writing, and she looks forward to supporting students in the writing process.


Bachelor of Arts student, Art History program
Minor in Creative Writing

Natalie is a transfer student in her junior year at Eastern. This is her second year consulting at the UWC and she couldn't be more excited to work with student writers again. When she is not consulting, Natalie enjoys getting lost in foreign cities, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, and meeting fluffy dogs on the street. She looks forward to working with you this school year.


Bachelor of Arts student, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program
Minor in English Linguistics

Olivia is currently in her fourth and final year at EMU studying TESOL and English Linguistics. She has been working in the Writing Center since her sophomore year and is passionate about helping other students write strong and effective academic papers. While she enjoys working with folks of all backgrounds, she has experience tutoring non-native English speakers outside of the University Writing Center with organizations like Washtenaw Literacy. In addition to consulting with the UWC, Olivia works as a Resident Advisor in Phelps Hall. When she isn't working, Olivia loves playing video games, cooking, and baking. After she completes her bachelor's degree, Olivia hopes to move to Pittsburgh and further her education. More than anything, she is looking forward to a year full of awesome consultations!


Master of Science, Written Communication: Teaching of Writing
Master of Arts, Children's Literature
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Pam is in her tenth year of teaching at Eastern Michigan University. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1987 from EMU. She worked for a book and journal manufacturer for eighteen and a half years. She received her Master’s in Children’s Literature in 2007 and her Master’s in Written Communication with an emphasis in teaching writing in 2011. She taught Harry Potter: Children’s Literature, Literary Allusion, and Pop Culture for six years at EMU and she has now taught in the First-Year Writing program for ten years. She was a consultant for the University Writing Center from 2009-2011. She returned to the UWC in 2017 and enjoys the one-on-one work with undergrad and grad students.

Volunteering has also been a big part of Pam's life. She has volunteered for the Ann Arbor District Library Friends Bookshop since 2010 and more recently became a volunteer for YpsiWrites, a part of the Office of Campus and Community Writing at EMU. She is also a 2012 EMWP Fellow, a Cognitive Coach, and Adaptive Schools participant. Pam’s passion for comics and graphic novels has been a big part of her teaching. She incorporates comics and graphic memoir/novels into her curriculum. Gardening and walking her two-year-old Yorkie/Havanese, Annie, are the hobbies that have kept her sane during the 2020 pandemic.


Bachelor of Arts student, English Language program
Minors in Communication and English Linguistics

Ryleigh is a senior at EMU and has been with the UWC for a year. In her free time, she likes to draw and sing. Ryleigh loves writing and helping others discover their own love for writing.


Master of Science in Literature

Tom has been teaching at EMU for 21 years. He enjoys helping young writers organize their thoughts into writings. He is a travel photographer who has visited 51 countries and a veteran of the U.S. Army. He is also a beekeeper and micro farmer running a small, 13 acre farm in Ann Arbor and a tiny house builder with plans for a tiny house village on his farm. In his free time he likes to play with his daughter and build things from wood in his shop.



Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Tony has taught composition, creative writing, and literature at EMU for almost 22 years. He is especially interested in conciseness and clarity in writing—tight language that shows what a writer wants to say as clearly as possible. When he isn't thinking about helping others become better writers, he spends his time writing, reading, making things, and staring at stuff (meaning rests in the details).

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