General Writing Support Consultants

All UWC consultants are able to offer writing support for undergraduates on any subject. Go to WCOnline to make an appointment with any of our general writing support consultants, below.



Pursuing a Master of Arts in Creative Writing

Andi is a current graduate student in the MA Creative Writing program. Following a long history of editing, consulting, and tutoring, they are excited to continue their work as a consultant for the UWC and as a First Year Writing Instructor at EMU. They are passionate about unleashing writers' creativity and helping writers develop confidence. In their free time, Andi enjoys writing Lord of the Rings fan fiction and spends many weekends playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, minoring in Journalism

Brooklyn is a second-year English student studying creative writing and minoring in journalism. She started college on the biology track, but quickly decided to pursue her true passion of writing instead. Now, she enjoys dedicating herself to writing creative nonfiction and poetry. She uses her free time to do anything that inspires her to write, including watching movies, journaling, and trying to read through the ever-growing stack of books in her bedroom. Brooklyn is passionate about helping others learn to love reading and writing the way she does, starting here in the UWC! 


PhD in English Language and Literature

Cecilia has been teaching college-level writing and literature classes since 1988 at UofM and EMU. In 2000, she left teaching to start a family, launch a writing consultation service, and become a beekeeper. When her daughter was four years old, Cecilia returned to teaching at EMU where she now works jointly for the University Writing Center and the School of Nursing. She also teaches beekeeping at MSU's Novi Campus, runs approximately 100 hives of honey bees in Northfield Township and at The Farm at St. Joe's Hospital, and sells many types of honey bee products at local farmers markets and festivals.


Pursuing a Master of Arts in Linguistics and TESOL

Christa is a first year graduate student at EMU originally from Cleveland, Ohio. This is her first year at the UWC, but she previously consulted for the Howe Writing Center at Miami University. Christa especially enjoys working with multilingual writers and others writing outside their comfort zones. She hopes to advance her interests in multilingualism, second language acquisition, and speech processing into a career in AI or language learning technology. In the meantime, Christa works part-time as a content writer for a property management software company. She spends her free time with her cat Jazzy, either baking, playing piano, or reading detective novels.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance, minoring in Arts and Entertainment Management

Delani is a third-year student majoring in Music Performance and minoring in Arts and Entertainment Management. In her free time she likes to practice her cello, play video games, crochet, and be with her friends. She is also an RA in one of the dorms on campus. After college she hopes to continue her work as a freelance cellist, continue teaching improvised music, and begin teaching private cello lessons. One of her favorite parts about working at the UWC is getting to read papers from all different fields of study and learn new things from them.


Pursuing a Bachelor's of Secondary Education with a concentration in Language, Literature, and Writing; minoring in Secondary Education: Communication and Theater

Emilee is a fourth year Secondary Education student, but she transferred to Eastern in Fall of 2021 after completing her associate’s degree at Monroe County Community College, where she also worked as a consultant in the writing center. Her goal after graduation is to become a high school English teacher who also teaches fun electives like drama and speech/debate. She is involved in community theater in her hometown and competes in competitions in the Miss America Organization in her free time. A fun fact is that she is currently working on an undergrad research project that combines Shakespeare and Yoga! Her favorite part about the UWC is meeting new people and making new connections. 


Pursuing a Master of Arts in Writing Studies

This is Hannah's second year with the University Writing Center. Alongside working with the UWC, Hannah is a Digital Studio consultant. Hannah discovered her passion for writing in high school. Since then, Hannah’s earned her undergraduate degree from Eastern in English and public relations. During that time, Hannah was a PRSSA member, wrote a few articles for the Eastern Echo, and worked at DTE Energy as a student co-op. Other than writing in her spare time, Hannah loves spending time with her family, friends, and puppy. 


Pursuing a Pre-Dental degree, majoring in Biology

Irsah is currently a second year student majoring in Biology at Eastern Michigan University, and this is her first year working as a consultant at the University Writing Center. She enjoys working at the writing center because she is able to support writers at any point of the writing process. Outside of EMU, Irsah likes to read, paint, take nature walks, and spend time with her bunny. After finishing her undergrad, Irsah hopes to go to dental school, pursue higher Islamic education, and travel. 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, minoring in Professional Writing

Iyad has always been fascinated by fiction writing, mostly, but has also developed an interest in every other genre of writing as well. He is originally from Lebanon and was a peer tutor for a little over a year before transferring to Eastern. Iyad is an avid reader and writer, constantly searching for means to improve his own writing alongside whatever writing he comes across. As a gamer and a writer, Iyad plans on developing a career as a narrative or professional writer.


Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education Language, Literature & Writing

This will be Jalen's fourth year at Eastern and his second year consulting with the UWC. In his free time he enjoys reading and going out with friends. After he graduates he hopes to either begin teaching at a high school in the Metro Detroit area or apply for graduate school; he hasn't decided yet. He looks forward to helping students the same way he has received help from the UWC in the past.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

Joud is an undergraduate majoring in engineering physics, with an interest in writing and literature analysis. Her first language is Arabic and her interest in languages made it easy for her to be fluent in English and Turkish too. She works as a writer for The Eastern Echo and enjoys doing all kinds of research and asking questions about the universe and life in general. In her free time, she likes to read, swim and paint. 


Pursuing a Bacherlor's Degree in Secondary Education Language, Literature, and Writing, minoring in Psychology

Karley Misek is a senior studying English and psychology to teach at the high school level. Along with working in the UWC, Karley is also a Campus Life Peer Coach and does literary research on the poet Muriel Rukeyser. In her free time she likes to bake, read, paint, and write poetry. Karley is passionate about any form of writing and hopes to get more people interested in poetry. 


Pursuing two Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and English (Creative Writing concentration)

Kaycee is a third-year student at EMU, originally from New Mexico. This is her first year at the UWC. She wants to pursue a master's degree in counseling psychology, and then a job as a mental health therapist, as well as publish poetry and/or fiction novels on the side. She likes to read, write, paint, and try new foods. She enjoys going to craft fairs, museums, and festivals with her friends. She is also on the EMU Rowing team!


Pursuing a Masters of Arts in English Literature 
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, minor in Sociology

Kylee graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature and a minor in Sociology. She is currently in her first year Master’s program working towards her MA in English Literature. Though a devoted passion for English, Kylee was a member of Eastern Michigan’s Women’s Basketball team for two complete seasons. Whilst being a student-athlete she also found a love for baking and often enjoys spending her time reading, shopping, and listening to podcasts. 


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies, minoring in Queer Studies

Lake is pursuing a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. This is the second college-level writing center they have worked in and they are excited to get back into a job they enjoy. They enjoy finding creative solutions to help neurodivergent writers get over or around their unique roadblocks. In their free time, Lake likes working on creative side projects with their friends, talking about their favorite books and musicians, cuddling every cat they can find, and playing DnD. 


Pursuing a Master of Arts in Creative Writing

This is Lexy's first year at EMU, but she also spent two years working in Alma College's campus writing center during her undergraduate career! In addition to her work in the writing center, she teaches a section of WRTG-121. After graduate school she hopes to find a job teaching or working with writing in any way she can. Lexy is a creative writer, plant parent, and Miami Heat fan. She loves reading, watching trash TV, and trying new things.


Pursuing Bachelor of Music Education

Mariana is a third year student majoring in Instrumental Music Education. This is her first year with the UWC. Mariana is looking forward to helping writers find the tools they need to feel like they can be successful. In her free time she enjoys playing viola, cooking, and reading. After college Mariana hopes to find a teaching job as an elementary music teacher and/or an orchestra teacher. 


Master of Arts in Children's Literature
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, minor in Writing

Michelle is excited for her second year as a UWC graduate consultant while she wraps up the final year of her MA in Children's Literature. If you are an undergraduate student in the Children’s Literature program, you might also find her TA’ing one of your classes. Michelle graduated from Grand Valley State University (2008) with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Writing, and she also has a publishing certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute (2009). She has experience working as a freelance writer and copy editor, but most recently she returned to the U.S. after teaching English Language Arts at an international K-12 school in the Czech Republic. When she is off campus, Michelle enjoys sewing, traveling, and shuttling her two children to sporting events. 


Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English, minoring in Psychology

Najiyah is a sophomore pursuing an English degree! Her favorite hobbies are biking, painting, and journaling. With a few visits and observations, she has begun working at the UWC in Fall 2022. Through both Research and Creative Writing, she has indulged deeply into the intricacies of writing, but also likes to help others become strong writers themselves. 


Master of Arts in Written Communication
Master of Arts in Children's Literature
Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts

Pam McCombs is in her eleventh year of teaching at Eastern Michigan University. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1987 from EMU. She worked for a book and journal manufacturer for eighteen and a half years. She received her Master’s in Children’s Literature in 2007 and her Master’s in Written Communication with an emphasis in writing in 2011. She taught Harry Potter: Children’s Literature, Literary Allusion, and Pop Culture for six years at EMU and she has now taught in the First-Year Writing program for ten years. She was a consultant for the University Writing Center from 2009-2011. She returned to the UWC in 2017 and enjoys one-on-one work with undergrad and grad students. Volunteering has also been a big part of her life. She volunteered for the Ann Arbor District Library Friends Bookshop for ten years and now volunteers for YpsiWrites, a part of the Office of Campus and Community Writing at EMU. She is also a 2012 EMWP Fellow, a Cognitive Coach, and an Adaptive Schools participant. Pam’s passion for comics and graphic novels has been a big part of her teaching. She incorporates comics and graphic memoir/novels into her curriculum. Reading, gardening and walking her four-year-old Yorkie/Havanese, Annie, are the hobbies that have kept her sane during the Pandemic.


Master's Degree in Linguistics 
Bachelor’s Degree in English Language

Shelby started attending Eastern Michigan University in 2012. During the five years she pursued her bachelor’s degree, she worked at the student paper, The Eastern Echo. It was her first job and it launched her into the academic writing world. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she pursued her Master’s in linguistics, during which time she joined the First Year Writing Program as an instructor. 

Now, Shelby teaches at both Adrian and EMU. Winter 2022 was her first semester with the UWC.

Shelby is most passionate about helping students learn that they are not “bad” writers, they just have their own unique voice.

Sydney S.

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree. Considering International Business with a minor in Japanese.

Sydney S. is a sophomore working her first year as a consultant at the University Writing Center. She likes to spend her free time hanging out with friends, reading, painting/drawing, listening to music, and watching movies. After college, she hopes to go to graduate school and eventually move to Japan to grow her fluency in the Japanese language. To Sydney, the best thing about working in the UWC is the experience of meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as well as learning how to grow her writing and tutoring skills. 

Sydney V. H.

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, minoring in History

Sydney is a Junior, pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She spends most of her spare time up north exploring and viewing the stars from her telescope. Sydney's main areas of interest are history and literature (especially Native American Lit.), and she is currently learning Spanish to better her love of knowledge. She has a special love for writing argumentative papers but loves to write anything.


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, minoring in Professional Writing & Children's Literature

Teddy (they/them) is a senior at EMU and has been at the UWC since fall of 2021. Along with being a writing tutor, they also work in EMU's Division of Communications, writing news stories for EMU Today and interviewing faculty and staff for Employee Spotlights. They have spent the last two summers volunteering and working at 826michigan, a nonprofit organization offering free writing programs and tutoring to local K-12 students. Thanks to this opportunity, not only do they know how to work with kids to strengthen their writing skills, but they also know how to work at a robot supply and repair shop! Outside of work and school, Teddy likes to play video games, read manga, draw (when they have the time and energy), and spend time with their partner. Teddy is eager to help your writing in any way they can!


Pursuing a Bachelor's degree of Secondary Education in Language, Literature and Writing; minoring in Social Work

Hello! Theresa is in her third year at Eastern. During the pandemic she took time to grind out her general education credits at Washtenaw Community College. She would love to become a middle school English/ELA teacher, because becoming excited about learning and making learning approachable and engaging for everyone is her passion. She also is a yoga teacher, so introducing mindfulness and breathing techniques make her a unique peer tutor to help people who are particularly anxious. 


Pursing a Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Spanish Education and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Tristan is in her fourth and final year at EMU and her second year at the UWC! She is finishing up her K-12 Spanish Education program this year with all of her in-school experience and Student Teaching. Outside of school, Tristan loves to do nails, hair, and makeup and sometimes considers becoming a certified nail technician in addition to being an educator. She has recently gained interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and loves to watch the movies! In school, Tristan has loved to be able to focus on the intricacies of working with linguistically, racially, and culturally diverse students. Specifically, at the UWC, she has been able to work on helping the UWC better meet the needs of linguistically diverse students using her knowledge from the TESOL program here at EMU! 

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