EMWP Professional Learning Series

Inkcredible: Reclaiming Joy and Humanity in Writing Instruction and Assessment is a pilot learning series offered on five Fridays from January - May. This is the first part of a pilot professional learning series for K-16 teachers led by Eastern Michigan Writing Project. 

There are a number of new and perennial challenges facing writing instruction—most significantly the emergence of generative AI applications that can write everything. Inkcredible is designed to address these challenges by focusing on student connection to their writing process and ownership in writing products, not just words to be assessed.

Students write better across the curriculum when they are confident in their writing voice, and this confidence comes from classroom practices that build student self-efficacy and classroom community around writing (in all subjects!). 

That’s why the Inkcredible series immerses participants in this kind of writing environment, where they learn how to build strong, efficacious writing cultures with their students and to create writing that is more genuine and human than AI can generate. In the process, teachers become writers alongside students.

Each Friday meeting will consist of writing sessions, lesson demonstrations, practice feedback protocols, and research. As teachers progress through the program, they will learn new strategies for writing assignment design, instructional models, and assessment for their classrooms. Upon completion of the full series, participants will be qualified to lead professional development in your school and district to transform writing instruction for all students. 

We will meet on five Fridays from 9 am - 3 pm in Halle Library Room 302 at EMU. 

(Parking is included.)

January 19

February 9

March 1

March 22

May 3 

Register now! And please share this invitation with the new teachers in your building—across all grades and subjects. Please contact Davis Clement or Angela Knight with questions.

Space is limited!

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