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Perry S. Brundage Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded incoming students or students in their first year of college who are planning a major in chemistry.  A minimum 3.0 high school GPA  is required.




Perry S. Brundage


Brendon Kociba

Tristan Shah

Carissa Spalt

Beth Wasserman


Dr. Perry BrundageDr. Perry Brundage was a member of the Chemistry Department at EMU from 1923-1959.  He succeeded Bert W. Peet as head of the department in 1941, and served as such for roughly fifteen years.  Professor Brundage was widely respected by colleagues and is remembered by his students as a very caring teacher.  One of his students, John Moyer, remembers Professor Brundage as a teacher who changed his life.  (Upon graduating, John Moyer received the Bert W. Peet Scholarship Award as the outstanding graduating senior.  Later, he became a research scientist with Dow Chemical Company.)


As a teacher, Professor Brundage had high standards and expectations for his students.  Most of his students saw him as formal and imposing.  However, many of them learned that he also was sensitive to their needs and found creative ways of addressing them.


Because of their respect for Professor Brundage, his colleagues initiated a drive to raise money for this scholarship.  Many alumni joined them in making donations.  However, it was the children of Professor Brundage who most generously contributed and ensured the success of the drive, to preserve the legacy of their father.








Alex Kilgore

Hunter Meyers

Sarah Schmidt

Jaylen Taylor


Honoria Hargenrader

Tesneem Madani

Terrence Stahl


Faezeh Azizi

Farzaneh Azizi

Cody Rump


Jaymes R. Dempsey

Samantha A. Malley

Brianna C. Sohl

2013 Blaire S. Backstrom
Christopher L. Friebe
Julia L. Lombardi
Jamie M. Reder
2012 Antonios M. Chionis
Amanda K. Waggamon
2011 Brittany M. Berger
Amanda L. Dewyer
Daniel H. Lee
Jacquelyn N. Wilson
2010 Nicholas J. Anagnostou
Elyssa M. Rautiola
Danielle E. Robson
Erika M. Van Goethem
2009 Jonathan M. Hurt
Eric W. Kiturkes
Brian J. Rissman
Travis M. Smith
2008 Anna M. Bauman
Lindsey R. Kolar
Andrew L. Walla
2007 Melissa L. Cordes
Fattum A. Mutahr
Brittney M. Nobles
Trishta R. Rogers
Kimberly Rutkowski
Patrick M. Spoutz
2006 Matthew L. Brady
Matthew Clark
Brittany M. Sabo
Jennifer Vanderklipp
2005 Mark E. Diebel
Mark A. Lukowski
Melissa B. Miller
Claire E. Tornow
2004 Mary M. McPhail
Suzanne B. Sweeney
2003 Adam L. Foster
2002 Ruth E. Hoge
Allison K. Jarosz
Laura A. Kelly
Brian M. Morford
2001 Emily S. McAllister
Ryan K. Pratt
Ryan M. Romanik
2000 Elizabeth J. Blaney
Nicola Harrison-Lowe
Barbara L. Webb
1999 Cara E. Jarosz
Ligor Manushi
Alicia E. Woo
1998 Shaun Beier
Bradley W. Caudill
Hrant P. Hratchian
Stephanie P. Kimberlain
Kangyi Qian
Ryan R. Yaworski
1997 Ka Ho Kwok
Dale R. Drake
1996 Brad A. Haskell
Shelly M. Nixon
1995 Kyla Gurganus
Jeffrey D. Kittendorf
1994 Daniel Burnett
Carol Landry
1993 Lori Barnes
Bonnie Wieland
1992 Amy Chasin
Ursula Markowski
1991 Teresa Canzoneri
Robert DesJardins
Walter Michael
Mario Ranson
Frank Zychowski
1989 Sandra Adkins
Daniel Owczarzak
Marcel Prude
Rupel Shah
Sheryl Young
1988 Scott Ciszewski
Mary Henry
Alicia McCreary
Lisa Seitz
Amanda Van Diver
1987 Kelly Cross
David Minuz
Steven Trout
1986 Andrew Zenk
1985 Patrick Derkacz
Barbara Esker
Peter Pouget
Tracy Rozny
1984 Suzanne Vandervest
1982* Jeffrey Cangealose
Renee Kirsch
Liska McKinney
1981* Mary Bahr
Kimberly Garver
Joanne Sahm
John Vidolich
1980* Patricia Cunningham
James Hylko
Randal King
Shawn Letwin
1976* Barry Finzel
Mary Irla
Mark Mabry
Leo Rice
Nancy Van Sickle 

*While the scholarship fund was started in 1972.  Department records are somewhat incomplete.  For some years, we could determine who was offered an award, but not who actually received the award.  (Since the awards were offered to high school students, some of those selected for the award chose not to go to EMU and never really received it.)

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold