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Sandra J. Lobbestael Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is given to exceptional first or second-year chemistry or biochemistry majors who have demonstrated their excellence in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and/or analytical chemistry coursework.  A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.



Sandra J. Lobbestael

2018 Ifrah Shoukat Sandra J. Lobbestael grew up on Geddes in the Ypsilanti area.  She received the Bert W. Peet Scholarship Award in 1965, as the outstanding senior chemistry major at EMU.  She received her Masters Degree at Vasser College in New York.  She was inspired to establish the scholarship by the fact she went to school on one and to help others.
2017 Terrence Stahl
2016 Jesse Wotring
2015 Sohail Rana
2014 Jamie M. Reder
2013 Antonios M. Chionis
2012 Amanda L. Dewyer
2011 Elyssa M. Rautiola
2010 Eric W. Kiturkes
2009 Ian M. Pendleton
2008 Vanessa R. Porter
2007 James P. Grinias
2006 Mark A. Lukowski
2005 Nusibah K. Altayib
2004 William R. Collin
2003 Laura A. Kelly
2002 Justin E. Bates
2001 Nicola Harrison-Lowe
2000 Ligor Manushi
1999 Bradley W. Caudill
1998 Gerald D. Artman III
1997 Tracy L. Wenzlick
1996 Daniel J. Burnett
1995 Ermelinda M. Harper
1994 Thomas Klepach
1993 Carol Lively
Yvonne Scaggs
1992 Gregory Grieves
1991 Dave Baran
1989 Bradley Piotrowski

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