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Gavin Edwards, Ph.D.

501K Mark Jefferson Bldg




B.S. University of Leicester, 1997
Ph.D. University of Leicester, 2001

Analytical Chemistry

Interests and Expertise

My research encompasses the broad issues of atmospheric chemistry, composition and dynamics. My work is focused specifically on understanding the role the biosphere has in atmospheric chemistry, particularly how biogenic emissions affect the chemistry of ozone. This gas is in an EPA regulated pollutant that has been implicated in local and regional air quality. My investigations focus on making measurements in the field and then, computer modeling the resultant data in order to understand the complex sources, sinks and reactions of this important atmospheric gas.


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G. D. Edwards, D. K. Martins, T. Starn, K.A. Pratt, and P. B. Shepson, "A Disjunct Eddy Accumulation System for the Measurement of BVOC Fluxes: Instrument Characterizations and Field Deployment" Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 5, 2703-2746, 2012.

R. S. Hornbrook, J. H. Crawford, G. D. Edwards, O. Goyea, R. L. Mauldin III, J. S. Olson, and C. A. Cantrell, “Measurements of tropospheric HO2 and RO2 by oxygen dilution modulation and chemical ionization mass spectrometry,” Atmos Chem & Phys, http://www.atmos-chem-phys discuss.net/10/22219/2010/acpd-10-22219-2010.html, 2011.

G. D. Edwards, P.B. Shepson, J. W. Grossenbacher, J.M. Wells, G.E. Patterson, D.J. Barket Jr, S. Pressley and T. Karl. "Development of an Automated Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer for the measurement of Atmospheric Volatile Organic Compounds", Anal Chem 79 , (13): 5040-5050, 2007.

 X.Ren, G.D. Edwards, C. A. Cantrell, R. Lesherand W.H. Brune, "Daytime and Nighttime Peroxy Radical and OH Chemistry at a Rural Site in Pennsylvania", J. Atmos Chem, 52 (3): 231-257, 2005.

Professional Affiliation

American Chemical Society
American Geophysical Union
Royal Society of Chemistry

Courses Taught

Quantitative Analysis (Chem 281)
General Chemistry (Chem 123, 124)

The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold