Larry Kolopajlo

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501T Science Complex


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  • BS, Mathematics and Chemistry, Muskingum College
  • MS, Physical Chemistry, Penn State University
  • Ph.D. Physical-Inorganic Chemistry, Western Michigan University
  • Teaching Certificate with Endorsements in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Interests and Expertise

Chemical Education
  • Elementary and Secondary Education
    My teaching and research interests revolve around the primary and secondary curricula. Research currently includes developing methods to train pre-service teachers in Modeling Pedagogy as developed at Arizona State University, and as supported by recent grants. What's more, I am interested in developing new chemistry NGSS activities.
  • College Level Chemistry Education
    Recent work centers on:
    • Flash ActionScript to develop animations
    • Visual Basic to perform simulations and solving problems involving numerical analysis in Microsoft Excel. App to teach chemistry.
  • Other Interests
    Demos, videos, teaching technology, developing new lab experiments, cosmetic chemistry and the history of chemistry. In outreach, I am actively involved in chemistry olympiad, science fairs, science olympiad and crime scene investigation workshops.
Inorganic Chemistry

My research explores the kinetics and mechanisms of solution reactions involving these fields of coordination chemistry:

  • ligand exchange
  • metal exchange
  • complex formation


  • CHEM 526 Modern Chemistry for Educators II
  • CHEM 525 Modern Chemistry for Educators I
  • CHEM 520 Advanced Methodology for Secondary Chemistry Teachers
  • CHEM 510 Computer Applications in Chemistry
  • CHEM 407 Nature of Science for Elementary Teachers
  • CHEM 406 The Nature of Science
  • CHEM 325 Methodology for Secondary Chemistry Teachers
  • CHEM 312 Teaching Elementary Chemistry
  • CHEM 121, 122, 123, 124 General Chemistry
  • CHEM 101 Chemistry for Elementary Teachers

Publications and Presentations

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Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • ACS Division of Chemical Education
  • ACS Division on the History of Chemistry
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • American Modeling Teachers Association
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Michigan Science Teachers Association
  • Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association