Perry S. Brundage Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded incoming students or students in their first year of college who are planning a major in chemistry. A minimum 3.0 high school GPA is required.

About Perry S. Brundage

A photo of Perry S. Brundage.
A photo of Perry S. Brundage.


Dr. Perry Brundage was a member of the Chemistry Department at EMU from 1923-1959.  He succeeded Bert W. Peet as head of the department in 1941, and served as such for roughly fifteen years.  Professor Brundage was widely respected by colleagues and is remembered by his students as a very caring teacher.  One of his students, John Moyer, remembers Professor Brundage as a teacher who changed his life.  (Upon graduating, John Moyer received the Bert W. Peet Scholarship Award as the outstanding graduating senior.  Later, he became a research scientist with Dow Chemical Company.)

As a teacher, Professor Brundage had high standards and expectations for his students.  Most of his students saw him as formal and imposing.  However, many of them learned that he also was sensitive to their needs and found creative ways of addressing them.

Because of their respect for Professor Brundage, his colleagues initiated a drive to raise money for this scholarship.  Many alumni joined them in making donations.  However, it was the children of Professor Brundage who most generously contributed and ensured the success of the drive, to preserve the legacy of their father.


Note: While the scholarship fund was started in 1972. Department records are somewhat incomplete. For some years, we could determine who was offered an award, but not who actually received the award. (Since the awards were offered to high school students, some of those selected for the award chose not to go to EMU and never really received it.)