Maurice "Pete" Decoster Endowed Chemistry Scholarship

This award is given to a chemistry or biochemistry major in his/her senior year with at least a 3.0 minimum GPA and demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to those who participate in an undergraduate research project during their senior year.

Maurice "Pete" Decoster

Maurice Decoster was a 1932 graduate of Eastern Normal School (now EMU) with a degree in education.  While at EMU, he worked in the chemical stockroom, and in 1931, was president of the chemistry club.  Despite his academic ability, he almost did not return for his senior year because of financial hardship.  But, in the waning days of the summer of 1931, a mysterious benefactor provided him with assistance.

After leaving EMU, Mr. Decoster briefly taught high school and then he moved to Upjohn where he worked as an industrial chemist.  Over sixty years after leaving EMU, Mr. Decoster still remembered his generous benefactor and, in 1996, he decided to present a similar favor to other EMU students with financial need.