James G. and LeAnn K. Emal Scholarship in Chemistry

This scholarship is given to a student with a demonstrated commitment to chemistry. Preference for this scholarship will be given to the "Non-traditional" student. Non-traditional can be defined as, but isn't limited to, a returning student, a second degree student, a single parent, or a veteran.

James G. and LeAnn K. Emal

This scholarship was created by the children of James and LeAnn Emal to honor their commitment to education and lifelong learning.


  • 2018 Guadalupe Vazquez-Perez
  • 2017 Hannah Armstrong
  • 2016 Victoria Goll
  • 2015 Brandie Yambrosic
  • 2014 Jason M. Miller
  • 2013 Cristian V. Chirosca and John R. Hopkins
  • 2012 Benjamin C. Sharp
  • 2011 Lois C. Vasquez
  • 2010 Gregory A. Abernathy