Digital Marketing Workshop 2017

There were over 250 attendees at the seventh annual Digital Marketing Workshop this year including students, faculty, staff, alumni and professionals! The keynote with Zingerman’s Service Network’s Director of Marketing, Jenn Hayman was a huge success as she told the crowd how her 11 person team manages all of the Zingerman’s brand's marketing efforts based on three crucial “ingredients”: passion, storytelling and breaking the rules. View the presentation slides to learn more about the keynote session.

The breakout sessions were also filled with information about the world of digital marketing. The first session, The New Face of Retail, focused on how the retail industry is using digital marketing. Sales on Steroids, the second breakout session, focused on how organizations are utilizing digital marketing to gain sales. After the networking and clinic student presentation, two more breakout sessions talked about the evolution of digital. Building Your Local Brand discussed how local brands are gaining traction with digital marketing and the New Face of Services focused on the way digital is transforming the service industry.

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