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Phill Park MBA ’16 turns being wait listed into treasured gold at Google

Phill Parks
Phill Parks


It is said when one door closes, another door opens.

Phill Park MBA ’16 is living proof.

After graduating from Saline High School in 2006 and the University of Michigan with a BS degree in Biopsychology in spring 2010, Park applied to several medical schools.

I had always wanted to be a doctor,” he said.

After being wait listed by several medical schools, Park accepted a sales position at Google in Ann Arbor. He ultimately decided to bypass his medical aspirations for a career in business, but to move ahead in his field, he knew he needed an MBA degree. Following a careful and deliberate research of area options, he opted to enroll in Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business.

EMU’s business school has an excellent reputation,” Park said. “Classes are conveniently offered online and during evenings. Faculty and staff are accessible, personable and friendly. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, levels and experiences.”

Catching Up

Phill and his coworker at Google
Phill and his coworker at Google


Graduate business school was challenging.

As a non-business major, Park had to take additional business classes to catch up with his peers. In addition, he was attending graduate school part time year round, while working full time. “It was tough,” Park said. “I just had to push through it.”

After three consecutive years of classes, including summer, Park graduated with an MBA (with a specialization in marketing) in 2016. Park says that one of his most memorable EMU lessons is to ask for forgiveness, not permission. “Don’t be passive,” he said. “That philosophy definitely works here.”

Soon after his graduation from EMU, Google promoted him to Manager of America’s Mobile. His job is to support Google advertisers and smooth out issues with billions of dollars in Google Adwords advertising across the country and to report daily on his work. To help him, he has nine direct reports working in Google offices in Boulder, Chicago, New York and Ann Arbor.

“I love working at Google,” said Park, now 29. “Google is people focused, thoughtful about its employees and is generous with its benefits package.”

Amazing Facility

Ted, Phill and Michelle in front of the Google Ann Arbor Sign
Ted, Phill and Michelle in front of the Google Ann Arbor Sign


A tour of the Google offices in Ann Arbor supports his claim. Amenities are everywhere.

Most impressive:

  • A gym with trendy new machines and an on site trainer;
  • An on site masseuse and massage room;
  • A nap pod room;
  • A video game room with massive screens; and
  • A full kitchen and fully stocked mini kitchens every 1,000 feet from an employee with free food and drinks for all Google employees and their guests.

It’s clear Google’s strategy is to make its employees happy, comfortable, entertained, engaged and to hang around the office for as long as possible.

Building a Team

My favorite part of the job is building a team and watching them progress,” said Park, who married his college sweetheart, Megan Park, 26, an occupational therapist and also an EMU alumna. “It’s very satisfying to make a difference in their growth.”

Park’s best advice for prospective graduate business students is to take full advantage of your experience.

Meet and network with professors and students and learn everything you can,” he said. “Enjoy the personal touch at Eastern Michigan University.”

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