Mentee Expectations & Responsibilities

What are the expectations and responsibilities of the mentee?

The program’s focus is on the student’s growth. Although the mentor is here to guide you through your decisions over the next year, they are not assigned to you to guarantee you an internship or a job.  The program primarily benefits an Eastern Michigan University College of Business student’s development. Part of the student’s development is to take responsibility for his or her own professional development and growth. 

A good mentee should:

  • Be motivated
  • Be punctual, if you can't keep an appointment give at least 24 hours notice
  • Be eager to learn and open to new ideas
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Be open to feedback about skills and behaviors
  • Take initiative
  • Ask quality questions

Other responsibilities

  • Routinely communicate with the mentor
  • Discuss needs and expectations with the mentor
  • Discuss goals for the relationship
  • Establish proper methods of communication (phone, email, meetings, etc.)
  • Learn about the mentor’s career path
  • Be flexible
  • Accept advice and feedback without becoming defensive

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