Mission Statement for the EMU College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center

We Support Your Goals

Who We Are

The goal of the College of Business (COB) undergraduate advising is to support students in their growth and development as outstanding emerging business professionals.  Academic Advising is a collaborative educational process in which students and their advisors are partners in meeting learning outcomes, academic success, and outlining steps for personal, academic and career goals. All students’ backgrounds, previous educational and professional experiences, and global and multicultural perspectives are honored and welcomed.


These are some of the services we offer.

  • Graduation Audits
  • Freshman Advising
  • Transfer Advising
  • Prospective Student Advising
  • Referral to Appropriate Resources
  • Problem Solving


We offer the following programs to assist you in your success.

  • Fast Track
  • U.achieve: electronic degree auditing
  • Starfish: first alert management system
  • Community College Visits
  • Group/Individual Advising


We offer the following resources to assist you in your success.

  • Program of Study - support for ACC 150 program
  • Program of Study - support for military veterans


Who we serve:

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Faculty
  • EMU Departments
  • Staff
  • Employers


The value we bring:

  • Successful student retention and degree completion
  • Appropriate referrals to resources

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