Removing Conditional Admit Status

Each of the four Conditional Admit statuses has a specific removal policy in order to be fully admitted to your program. 

Admitted Condition 1, Curriculum Deficiencies

  1. Complete the list of courses identified on the Graduate Admissions Recommendation Form that accompanies your admission letter from the University (sometimes found on a letter of welcome from the department or program).
  2. Print your unofficial transcript from the my.emich site.
  3. Show your graduate advisor that curriculum deficiencies have been overcome and courses have been completed with passing grades.
  4. Have your graduate advisor send a memo or email to the Office of Admissions indicating that all conditions have been met and your admission status needs to be changed from Condition 1 to full admit.
  5. Keep a copy of the memo or email for your records.

Students must be fully admitted into a program in order to graduate from it. 

Admitted Condition 2, Senior Status

  • At the time of your application, you were completing an undergraduate degree and you did not have a degree-posted transcript.
  • You have one semester to submit an official sealed transcript or true attested copy to the Office of Admissions. If this has not been completed, you will not be able to register for classes your second semester on campus.
  • When this is done, the Office of Admissions will remove the registration hold.

Admitted Condition 3, Language Deficiencies (International Students)

  • Once admitted under Condition 3, an ESL hold is placed on your registration. This means that course registration will take place through the English as a Second Language office, 318 King Hall.
  • International students whose TOEFL, IELTS, MELAB or PTE scores do not meet the minimum for full admission will be required to take the ESL Placement Test upon arrival on campus to determine what ESL courses will be required. The ESL office will register you for ESL courses according to your placement test results.
  • Once these courses have been completed and passed, the ESL office will remove the ESL hold and notify the Office of Admissions that Condition 3 requirements have been fulfilled.

Admitted Condition 4, Low Undergraduate Grade Point Average

  • You were admitted with an undergraduate grade point average (GPA) below the university requirement.
  • The Graduate Admissions Recommendation Form indicates that you must achieve an overall GPA of a 3.0 or greater at the end of the semester in which you complete your 9th credit hour of graduate work.
  • Once you have accrued your first 9 credit hours of graduate work with an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater, the Graduate School will notify the Office of Admissions and your department, school or program graduate coordinator that you have met the Condition 4 requirement.  Your admission status will change to full admit.
  • If you do not achieve an overall GPA of a 3.0 or greater at the end of the semester in which you complete your 9th credit hour of graduate work, you will be automatically dismissed from the Graduate School.

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