Repeating Courses

Students who meet the prerequisites and all other conditions for enrollment may repeat a course. Note that the policies articulated below do not apply to courses (such as independent study) that can be taken for credit more than once. Multiple attempts in such courses are not considered repeats and all grades received will be used in determining the student’s grade point average.

●  Programs are not required to permit students to repeat courses.
●  Courses that are dropped, or from which a student has withdrawn, are not counted as attempted  repeats for the purpose of this policy. Further, courses in which grades were adjusted to reflect Academic Renewal grades (R) are also not included.
●  Unless otherwise noted in the course description, credit for any repeated course (including all attempts at EMU and transfer credit granted) will apply only once toward all degree requirements.
●  A student who earned credit in a course will lose the credit if they subsequently retake the 1.7
course and receive an F. If a student receives an Incomplete in the final attempt of a repeated course, the most recent earlier grade is the grade of record until the coursework is completed and the “I” is replaced by the new grade earned.

●  A course may be repeated only once and only if the original grade was a B- or lower.
●  The last grade received will be used in determining the students’ grade point average.
●  All course attempts will remain on the permanent record, with repeats indicated, even if not used to determine the grade point average.

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