Transfer Credit

Graduate credit(s) may be accepted from other accredited institutions and be used on a
program of study. Acceptable transfer credit(s) are determined by the department, subject to
the approval of the department head/school director and the Office of Records and

Transfer credit must:

● apply to the EMU degree program;
● have a grade of B or higher (grades of “pass,” “satisfactory,” or “credit” cannot be
transferred unless noted on the transcript key as, equivalent to a B or better grade);
● not be out-of-date per the degree time limitation (see below);
● be recommended by the advisor and approved by the Department Head/School Director and
Office of Records and Registration;
● be documented as graduate credit on an official graduate transcript from an accredited
institution (i.e., appear on a graduate transcript);
● be reflected in the student’s program of study.

Students are limited in the number of transferred credit hours they may apply to their program
of study (see Residency Requirements). Some departments have a more restrictive transfercredit
policy; refer to program information in the graduate catalog for details.

Transfer credit(s) must be evaluated before the graduation degree audit. Official transcripts for
courses planned to be transferred to Eastern Michigan University should be on file in the Office of
Records and Registration at least one month before the end of the semester in which the student
plans to graduate. Such credits are recorded on the student’s record at the time of approval, even
if the course is not ultimately used on the program of study.

Request forms are available on the Registrar’s website ( Approval of
the Program Coordinator is required before submitting to the Office of Records and Registration.

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