Our Community

Living & Working in Ypsilanti

Eastern is located in the heart of Ypsilanti, a progressive city of 22,000 residents and a lively shopping, dining, arts and entertainment scene. The city center is divided into two districts: "Downtown" and "Depot Town", each with beautifully preserved historic areas and a unique, vibrant culture.

While longtime residents preserve Ypsilanti's rich heritage, an increasing number of young families are putting down roots and establishing new traditions. A local art incubator is home to writers, musicians, painters, graphic designers and other artists. Innovative solar power and sustainable gardening venues add to the richness of life downtown, including the city's two farmers' markets. A local business incubator serves as a magnet for innovation-based businesses of all sizes.

Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, our neighboring community, offers another lively downtown with world-class museums, restaurants and cultural attractions. Beyond these downtown districts are more than 23,000 acres of public park and recreation areas within Washtenaw County. 

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