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Specific procedures must be followed for reporting accidental work-related injuries. This applies to all EMU employees. 

The Workers' Compensation Act (WCA) as its name implies, provides compensation, both medical and monetary, for an employee who sustains an injury which arises out of and in the course of employment. Under the law, an injured employee is entitled to immediate first aid and complete medical care at no cost to the employee. Further, the law warrants payment of monetary compensation (lost time wages) to the injured employee as long as medical evidence indicates that the employee is totally or partially disabled, and has sustained a wage loss due to the injury. It is important to remember to follow the reporting procedure to insure an employee his/her right to benefits under the law.

Accident Reporting Procedure for Work Related Injuries

All injuries, even those of a seemingly minor nature like a scratched finger or a bumped knee, should be officially reported. Sometimes the so-called minor injury develops into a serious, complicated condition. Any work-related injury must be officially reported by submitting the employee occupational injury report.

In the event of an on-the-job accident, the employee must notify a supervisor immediately. The employee and supervisor must complete the employee occupational injury report as soon as possible after the injury, and forward the form to the Workers' Compensation office. An authorization for treatment form (included in the injury report packet) must be completed by the supervisor and provided to the employee to take to one of the designated clinics for EMU. Without this form, treatment may be delayed pending authorization. Choosing a medical provider other than an EMU designated clinic may result in delay or denial of payments for treatment*. The WCA allows an employer to direct medical care for an employee up to 28 days following the inception of medical treatment.

*In the case of a life-threatening emergency, medical treatment should be sought immediately, at the nearest medical facility.

If an employee loses time from work (other than for immediate medical attention) as a result of an on-the-job accident, a written doctor's release is required before this person is allowed to return to work. EMU designated clinics will provide this document to the employee at the end of all appointments. The release will specifically indicate any work limitations imposed on the individual as a result of the injury, e.g. restrictions against lifting in a back injury case. This document must be provided to the WC office and the supervisor.

If you, the employee, will miss any days of work due to a work-related injury or illness, you must contact the Workers' Compensation office immediately for further instruction. Failure to make this contact may delay your benefits.

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