Financial Services

There's a host of financial services for you to take advantage of as an employee at Eastern. We want you to feel good about your financial outlook and get the most out of all we have to offer. 

  • Disability Benefits Expand dropdown

    EMU has moved to a new vendor, The Standard.

    • Your benefits remain exactly the same as previous.
    • As such, our documentation is being updated. 
    • Please reach out to us at [email protected] or call 734-487-3195 with any questions.

    How to Apply for Short Term Disability

    • Please contact us at [email protected] or call 734-487-3195 for how to apply for benefits under The Standard disability plan. 

    Short Term Disability Policy for AC, AH, AP and CA Employees

    These policies came into effect in 2013. Read more below. 

    Short-Term Disability (STD) for Bargained-For Employees

    If you're covered by a bargained-for employee, check your collective bargaining agreement for more information on your short term disability benefit.  Faculty members should see their collective bargaining agreement and contact Academic HR for further details. Plan documents will be posted when completed.  Please contact us at [email protected] or call 734-487-3195.  There is no change to your policy, we have changed vendor.

    • CS STD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • CP STD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • FM STD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • LE STD & LTD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • PE/PT STD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • PS STD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • How to apply for benefits under The Standard short-term disability plan [PDF]

    Long-Term Disability (LTD)

    • AP, AH, AC, CA, PE/PT LTD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • CP, PS, FM LTD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • FA LTD Plan Booklet [PDF]
    • How to apply for benefits under The Standard disability plan [PDF]
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    When you set up a flexible spending account (FSA), you designate a certain amount to be withdrawn from your paycheck, pre-tax, to be used for eligible medical, dental and vision expenses, as well as work-related child and adult daycare expenses. You can also use your medical FSA for your children between the ages of 19–26, regardless of their dependency status.

    EMU offers two main FSA options to help you save on taxes: the Dependent Care FSA and the Health FSA.  EMU also offers a Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account for Faculty and Lecturers who are enrolled in the High Deductible Plan. This plan is only for qualified Dental & Vision expenses.

    1. You must re-enroll in the flexible spending accounts each year you choose to participate.
    2. Your election is binding and in place for the entire year unless you have a qualifying life event.  You must make any change within 30 days of the qualifying life event.  Contact the HR Benefits team with questions.  734.487.3195 or [email protected]
    3. This program follows the IRS guidelines and is managed by HSA Bank. 
    4. EMU follows the IRS "Grace Period" provision.  This means that you can incur expenses up to March 15th of the next calendar year and submit those by March 31st and have these expenses applied to the previous calendar years remaining account balance.  Any funds remaining after the March 31st deadline are forfeited.

      Example:  In calendar year 2024, for 2023 remaining funds, you can incur expenses up to March 15, 2024.  You must submit these expenses against your 2023 remaining account balance by March 31, 2024.

    When you first start with HSA Bank, you need to establish your account [PDF].

    You can link your bank account [PDF] to your FSA account so that your reimbursement can go where you want it.  You will also be issued a debit card that can be used for eligible expenses.

    When requesting reimbursement you have the following options:

    HSA Bank partners with HSA Store to offer qualified products.

    Client Assistance Center (for members)

    English: 800.357.6246 | 414.978.5294
    Spanish: 866.357.6232
    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Email: [email protected]

    Member Website: You can also get 24/7 access to your account by logging into the Member -Website.

    Regular Mail:
    HSA Bank
    P.O. Box 939
    Sheboygan, WI 53082-0939

    Overnight Mail:
    HSA Bank
    605 North 8th Street, Suite 320
    Sheboygan, WI 53081

    You can limit HSA Bank's sharing of your information [PDF].

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Expand dropdown

    If you are enrolled in the BCBS High Deductible PPO Plan with Health Savings Account (HSA) you can have an HSA.  The HSA is a tax-advantaged member-owned account that let you save pre-tax dollars for future qualified medical expenses. You can invest in mutual funds tax-free—and the funds never expire.  To qualify, you must not be over 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part A or B.  To qualify you must not be enrolled in Veteran Affairs Benefits.  To qualify, you cannot be covered by any other insurance plan that is not a qualified high deductible plan.  It is your responsibility to know these rules and make proper enrollment.  Should you mis-enroll, you will need to answer to the IRS.

    This account is not the Flexible Spending Account for those enrolled in the Community Blue PPO (Option 5) Plan or in the Blue Care Network HMO (Healthy Blue Living) plan.  The savings plan for that is managed by a different vendor.

    When you enroll in the BCBS High Deductible PPO Plan through the BenefitFocus online system you will have the option to also enroll in the HSA.  You can save up to the established IRS contribution limits for the given calendar year.  As a reminder, EMU makes an annual contribution of $500 for eligible employees that enroll as single and $1,000 for any eligible employee who enrolls above single coverage.

    Your funds are held at and managed by HealthEquity

    • To access your funds, you would access your online account.
    • New accounts require account verification in compliance with the USA Patriot Act.

    Your health savings account (HSA), will come with the added benefit of a convenient debit card for quick and easy access to your account funds.  There is also a Mobile app

    Learn how to invest your HSA [PDF].

    Learn how to spend your HSA Money.

    You can contact HealthEquity at 866.346.5800 24/7/365 for support or message them.

  • Life Insurance Expand dropdown

    Eastern Michigan offers employees Basic Life and Accidental Death & Disability to you at no cost.  Eastern also offers the chance to purchase voluntary supplemental insurance. You can elect coverage for yourself, spouse or additional eligible adult and/or dependent children. If you're applying for supplemental life insurance, you'll need to complete the evidence of insurability form for each applicant. The statement of health must be submitted to the insurance carrier (The Standard) . Your coverage will be determined by The Standard and approval is not guaranteed.

    EMU has moved to a new vendor, The Standard.

    • Your life insurance benefits remain exactly the same as previous.
    • As such, our documentation is being updated. 
    • Please reach out to us at [email protected] or call 734-487-3195 with any questions.

    Supplemental Life - Dependents

    It is your responsibility to know and enroll dependents properly.  All decisions are made and maintained by The Standard.

    Dependents means: Your Spouse and Your Dependent Child(ren). A dependent must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Guam and any other locations where the Hartford may legally provide such coverage.

    Dependent Child(ren) means: Your unmarried children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, foster children, or any other children related to You by blood or marriage or domestic partnership who:

    • Live with You in a regular parent-child relationship; and/or
    • You claimed as a dependent on Your last filed federal income tax return; provided such children are primarily dependent upon You for financial support and maintenance and are:
      • at least 15 days old but not yet age 19;
      • age 19, but not yet age 23, and in full-time attendance (at least 12 course credit hours per  semester) at an accredited institution of learning. If the institution establishes full-time status in any other manner, the Hartford reserves the right to determine whether the student continues to qualify as a Dependent; or
      • age 19 or older and disabled. Such children must have become disabled before attaining age 19. You must submit proof of such children's disability.

    Porting and Converting

    When you leave EMU you have the ability to move your EMU policy(s) over to an individual policy(s) by completing the form included below.  The policy numbers are found in the above attachments for the policy you have.  After you leave EMU, The Standard will send document to your address on file regarding this process.

  • Perks and Discounts Expand dropdown

    Employee discounts are just one of many benefits offered at EMU. As an employee, you can receive various discounts for goods and services. Show your Eastern identification to receive discounts at participating Ypsilanti-area businesses.

    Go to the Perks & Discounts page to see what is available.

  • Retirement Savings Plan Expand dropdown

    We want you to enjoy your retirement. Planning ahead is a good place to start. We have two retirement plans available at EMU. See which one you qualify for: 

    TIAA-CREF is for all employees of Eastern.

    Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) is only available if you started working for a university before 1995, opted for MPSERS at that time and would like to continue.  If you are in MPSERS, you can elect to have contributions come out of your paycheck and go into the EMU TIAA-CREF plan, however there will be no EMU employer match.

    EMU offers a 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Account Savings (SRA) Plan.  

    EMU also offers a 457(b) pre-tax and a 457(b) ROTH (after-tax) Plan. 

    Go to the Retirement page to learn more,

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