Welcome New Employees

We are pleased to welcome the following full-time employees who joined the Eastern Michigan University community since Dec. 1, 2023:

Rosemary Schick - CHHS Academic Advisor
Joelyn Adjei - Tutor at Schweitzer
Alexandria Conger - Mental Health Therapist
Jordyn Curtis - Tutor at Wildwood
Anna Hillaker - Sr. Secretary
Anthony Hollins - Srv Provider at YIES
Korbin Ottolini - Tutor at Adams
Valentina Petrova-Marinova - Srv Provider at Edison
Alisha Spencer - Srv Provider at YIES
Lauryn Wells - Tutor at Hamilton
Keianna Banbury - Tutor at Romulus Elem
Keira Bishop - Tutor at Elliott
Lillie Birnie - Health Facilitator
Julyssa Gonzalez - Tutor at Erickson
MacKenzie McLeod - Tutor at Franklin
Ashley Benedict - Site Coordinator
William Martin Jr. - Plumber/Maintenance
Tateyana Thomas - Tutor at Romulus El
Larry Brossia Jr - Foreperson, Custodial
Gabrielle Harris - Tutor at WMHS
Rosemary Schick - CHHS Academic Advisor
Dawn Adkins - Tutor at Roosevelt
Celia Cutler - International Student Advisor
Mariam Dawwas - Inst Research Analyst
Matthew Hiatt - Spon Res Accountant/Analyst
Lisa Schmidt - Academic Advisor
Rebecca Bieberly - Part Time Lecturer
John Browning II - Part Time Lecturer
Christel Ciolino - Part Time Lecturer
Broc Couling - Part Time Lecturer
Chandra Cox - Asst. Athletic Academic Program Specialist
Deborah deLaski-Smith - Part Time Lecturer
Betre Getahun- Part Time Lecturer
Kathleen Kish - Part Time Lecturer
Dennis Masterman - Officer Campus Police
Benjamin Reichow - Officer Campus Police
Amy Shell-Gellasch - Part Time Lecturer
Mohamed Ullah - Part Time Lecturer
Leah van Belle - Part Time Lecturer
Cole Villalobos - Part Time Lecturer
Jennifer Webster - Part Time Lecturer
Margaret Zech - Director Enrollment Management Technology
Marshall Conley - Director Comp Events MI DECA
Michelle Cesen - Program Coord, PPAT GLOTIEC
Katherine Feltner - Records Systems Specialist
Michelle Belt - Assistant Full Time Lecturer
Marguerite DeBello - Academic Department Head (I)
Kimberly Lindquist - Director Nursing Ops
Julius Theophilus II - Tutor at Estabrook
Chanel Marshall-Sewell - Site Coordinator
Claire McManus - Graphic Designer, Athletic Marketing
Taylor Clarke - Head Coach (Gym/Soc/Crew/Lcrs)
Margaret Whittemore - Engage Project Manager
Hanan Hashayekh - Assistant Professor
Kaitlin Popielarz - Curriculum and Social Studies Coach
James Sanders - Custodian
Christopher Carter - Site Coordinator
Curtis Ellis - Academic Labor Relations Admin
Cathy Masters - Early Intervention Spec
Amanda Campeau - Part Time Lecturer
Amanda Coleman - Tutor at Edison
Darlene Dorsette Part - Time Lecturer
Skye Foster - Tutor at YIES
Carol Freedman-Doan - Adjunct Lecturer
Allison Jones - Part Time Lecturer
Darlene Leifson - Part Time Lecturer
Gregory Mannarelli II - Part Time Lecturer
Jared Meade - Part Time Lecturer
Danielle Peladeau - Part Time Lecturer
Gretchen Reeves - Part Time Lecturer
Joseph Zettelmaier - Part Time Lecturer

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