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Study Areas and Study Rooms

The Eastern Michigan University Library provides a welcoming environment that promotes teaching, learning, and research. Students and other researchers at the EMU Library expect to find quiet areas for study, and the library strives to provide this type of environment.

At the same time, many courses require group work, and the EMU Library has provided spaces appropriate for group learning. The library is also used as a teaching space where librarians, staff, and teaching faculty must converse with users when assisting them. The EMU Library shares the Bruce T. Halle Library building with other campus offices, which may have separate policies.

Since much of the ground level public spaces are not operated by the EMU Library, this policy addresses only library areas on the 1st through 3rd levels. Please see: Acceptable Behavior for Library Users.

I. Zones

A. Collaborative Zone - 1st Level

  • This level has many service points and a great deal of traffic, so it will generally be less quiet than other library levels. Conversations may be held at moderate level and group study is acceptable. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Users are urged to be considerate of others.

B. Considerate Zone - 2nd Level

  • On the 2nd level conversations should be kept to a minimum. When talking is necessary voices should be kept low. The collaborative study rooms and classrooms in these areas are not sound proof. Groups using these rooms are asked to close doors whenever possible and keep conversations at a considerate noise level.

C. Quiet Zone

  • As of Fall 2018, Quiet Zones are being reconfigured. Students desiring a quiet study area should look for study carrels on the south, west, and north edges of the 3rd level.  The collaborative study rooms, classrooms, and event spaces on the 3rd level are not sound proof.

II. Rooms

A. Study Rooms for Collaborative Work

  • Collaborative (group) study rooms are located on the periphery of the Second and Third Levels. Most rooms are first come, first served.
  • Reservable group study rooms are available on the second floor during Fall and Winter semesters only.
  • Priority is given to EMU groups. Individuals or non-EMU groups may be asked to vacate a room. Questions may be directed to a library staff member at the Circulation Desk or 734-487-2562.

B. Individual Study Rooms

C. Faculty Study Rooms

  • Daily Use
    Study rooms may be checked out by faculty on a first-come, first-served basis at the Circulation Desk according to Individual Study Room policies.
  • Semester-Long Use
    Faculty Senate controls the allocation of six faculty offices in the library. The offices are meant to serve as places to study and conduct research with library materials. Faculty Senate provides guidelines and application information. Please contact Faculty Senate Office at 734-487-0196 or at [email protected].


Questions should be directed to Library Administration.  

March 25, 2015


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