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E-book problems


  • Imperfect links: The most common problem is having an imperfect link to the book. Search for the title in Esearch and use the access link provided there.

  • Saving a book as a "favorite": If you try to save a web address that you see after logging in, the link will not work later. To save the e-book as a favorite in your browser, search for the title in Esearch and save the "Permalink" from its detailed entry page. 
  • Device issues: Library e-books work well on computers, laptops, and some other devices that use a standard web browser. Some e-books don't work or don't display well on devices such as smartphones or tablets.

  • Confusing interface: Many ebrary e-books can only be read online and can't be downloaded. For this reason, you will sometimes see a "This book is not available for download" message, even though the book can be read online. Look for the "Available for Online Reading" link.
  • Downloading/printing: Most library e-books can’t be downloaded and must be read online. See E-books features for information on downloading and printing options for each e-book provider.

  • Maximum simultaneous users: Many e-books have a limit on how many users can simultaneously access the content. If the book has reached the maximum number of users, you will have to try again later. When you are finished reading the book, close the browser window and the book will become available to another user.
  • Time-outs: If you aren't actively using a book that you are reading online, the book will close automatically after no activity.

  • EBSCO e-books: Sometimes the link to an EBSCO book from the library entry will bring up an error message, but a second attempt at loading the book will be successful. Sometimes you may need to clear your web browser history.
    Typical Access problems: General access problems may also cause problems with e-books, such as NetID or browser issues. See the other troubleshooting access tips.

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