Writing Resources

We have compiled a list of writing resources for folks of all ages. Whether you're looking for a writing activity for your home-bound kids or would like to start poetry lessons, we've got you covered.

Our Literary Lives in Lockdown: It Doesn't Need to Be ElaborateA first-person explanation of how one mom is supporting the writing of her elementary school daughter—in simple and powerful ways.

Future Me: This website allows you to write a letter to your future self about what’s going on in your life right now. They then email it to you 1, 3, or 5 years later. For youth and adults.

Take a Pic, Write a PoemThe Newberry Library in Chicago is coordinating a project in honor of National Poetry Month to document our experiences in these "quarantimes" in pictures and words. For all ages.

Library of Michigan - COVID-19: Save Your Story: The Library of Michigan envisions collecting and preserving these stories. The goal is to preserve the stories of our daily lives during the crisis and to provide future historians, researchers, and students with information and data on life in Michigan communities during the Pandemic.

Student's Journals Could Become Primary Sources: This article suggests ways students of all ages can write about our experiences during this pandemic.

Cornell University - Journal Prompts to Facilitate Coping During the COVID 19 Pandemic: A guide with suggestions for using writing as a way to cope.

Sharing Our Notebooks - Writing Teacher: Daily videos and writing prompts on how to keep writing. Write your own and read others.

Using and Creating Informational Texts at Home: Ideas for young children and families for writing lists, letters, and other kinds of texts.

At Home with Kwame Alexander: Kwame Alexander, an award-winning author, offers free poetry lessons.

New York Times Mentor Text: This resource from the New York Times teaches older children about reading "like a writer” by studying articles, essays, and news stories that writers create.

Kelly Gallagher - building deep readers and writers: These materials for secondary teachers and students include lesson plans for reading and writing that students could do at home.

100 Writing Prompts from John SpencerLists of prompts for many different kinds of writing to engage students who are upper elementary-aged and older.

Play by Play of the Everyday: Sports fans of all ages can create commentary on the everyday life they see on their walks or outside their window. This article introduces the videos of Nick Heath.  Your sports fan could create these, too!

7 Outdoor Writing Activities for Kids: Resources to help PreK and early elementary kids write about nature.

Story Starters - Creative Writing Prompts: An interactive resource for elementary kids from Scholastic that encourages children to write all kinds of stories.

National Poetry Month invitationsApril is National Poetry Month and the Poets site offers ideas for writing and reading poetry while social distancing.

New York Times - Students Can Respond to Daily Writing Prompts Inspired by the NYT: Each week the New York Times offered free writing prompts for youth and teens.

826 Featured Resources: 826 (a national organization devoted to kids and writing) offers this resource of writing prompts and writing projects for all ages.

Student Reporting Unit PBS offers various units for students to serve as reporters. Their new unit is called Making Sense of Coronavirus through Storytelling and Media Making.

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