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A header that says: Perhaps even more than ever writing is vitally important to how we are making sense of our current situation. In order to help, YpsiWrites will be offering programing that strives to support writers during this time.

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Virtual Tutoring is Now Available!

Our tutors are now providing virtual writing consultations. You have two options for writing support:

  1. Comments about writing: If you would like someone to review your writing and provide feedback, please fill out this virtual submissions form.
  2. Conversations about writing: If you would like to talk to someone through a video chat about your writing, please fill out our Google Meet consultation form.

We have full instructions [PDF] for requesting virtual writing help.

Writing Activities and Resources During a Time of Social Distancing

If you're looking to do some writing while staying at home, we have the resources and activities you need to get started. 

  • Online Writing Resources: If you would like to express yourself through writing, check out this list of fun writing activities, prompts, videos, and lessons. 
  • Journaling to Make Sense of This TimeWe are living through an unprecedented moment in history—a time which has already created uncertainty, creativity, boredom, heroism, confusion . . . and more.  How can we use writing to make sense of this moment? How can we use it to document this moment? How can we use it to share this moment with others?
  • Nature Writing: Many of us—especially during these days of isolation and social distancing—find joy and inspiration in nature. In that spirit we offer these writing prompts, designed by YpsiWrites volunteer lisa eddy, to help you slow down and appreciate the natural world. There are some for those who are able to get outside and observe, and some for those who remain indoors but appreciate nature through the window.
  • Zine Activity: Make a zine at home! Zines are small publications that are created by individuals and fueled by independent vision! In other words, zines are made by ordinary people about the things they love, and the ideas close to their hearts.
  • Writing that Matters to MeYpsiWrites wants to share the writing that is uplifting and calming you during this time of uncertainty. You have two options for sharing writing: (1) share what you’re reading or (2) share what you’re writing. If you would like to participate, follow these steps.

2019 Writers of Ypsilanti

We're celebrating local writers with our inaugural cohort of local writers. Check out our collection of pictures, posters, and interviews. If you know a local writer that we should celebrate, email us at [email protected]

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