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Dr. Gabriel Rudebusch Joins Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Gabriel Rudebusch
Dr. Gabriel Rudebusch


Dr. Rudebusch grew up in Reno, Nevada where he completed undergraduate studies in 2010. He then moved north to Eugene, Oregon for graduate school. At the University of Oregon he synthesized and studied organic molecules for use as semiconductors. Dr. Rudebusch’s postdoctoral work in polymer and physical organic chemistry was carried out at the University of Illinois. Aside from research, he was involved in the creation and instruction of new organic chemistry courses designed to stimulate student curiosity. At EMU, he will continue building and exploring new organic compounds with unique and useful electronic properties. Equally important to him is the development of teaching methods that leverage the chemistry of bread, cooking, fermentation and health as a way for students to bridge the chemistry of carbon to their own world. Outside of chemistry, he spends his time riding bikes, obsessing over food, cooking and bread-making.

Posted 8/30/2019.

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