Prof. José Vites Retires

Prof. Vites retiresProf. José Vites retired in August of 2021 after 32 years of service. Dr. Vites earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and specialized in Inorganic Chemistry, teaching courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. As a Faculty Associate, José was involved with the Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience (CSIE) program, which integrated hands-on community/service learning into chemistry courses. He often taught a General chemistry lab where the students analyzed samples from the Huron River for cyanobacteria, and taught other CSIE courses including one that focused on the science of learning. Dr. Vites was always trying to discover innovative techniques for student engagement, such as incorporating games like Kahoot! into his lectures. He co-created a popular general education course that starts at the Big Bang Theory and ends with topics in health and biochemistry, and he developed an elective course in bio-inorganic chemistry. José also served on a number of departmental and college committees throughout the years and is a past advisor to the Chemistry Club, organizing social events for Chem Club and the department. One of his recent contributions to the department was the creation and coordination of Monday (or Tuesday) Night Group Tutoring, where the focus expanded from General to Organic chemistry, utilizing a system of peer tutoring that attracted students across several courses who were actively engaged in helping one another. Dr. Vites also involved students in his research program and was known as a helpful colleague who genuinely cared about the department and was dedicated to EMU students.