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Exterior and Interior Public Spaces

The Chemistry Department is housed in the Mark Jefferson Science Complex.  The original Mark Jefferson building was constructed in the late 1960's,  In 2010, a new significant addition was made to create new spaces for many introductory chemistry, biology, and geology laboratories.   Once the addition had been completed, a two-phase complete renovation of the existing building occurred.  The $90 million renovation was completed in 2012.  The end result is that all departmental space is effectively brand new.




Mark Jefferson Science Complex



Mark Jefferson Science Complex

Two pictures of the west face of the Science Complex are shown above. The addition was made on this side of the building.



Mark Jefferson Science Complex






The older, east face of the Science Complex. The view of campus looking east from the building.






Chemistry Department Office

The lobby area on the east side of the first floor, near the auditoria. The entry to the Chemistry Department office. It is off of the atrium (near the elevators) on the fifth floor.



Study Room and Cafe



Computer Lab

A quiet study room for students near the cafe. The open computer lab on the first floor.



First-Floor Atrium Seating Area



Second-Floor Atrium Seating Area

Some of the open seating/study areas for students are shown above. There are similar areas on all floors of the building (and some floors have multiple areas available).



Chemistry Display Case



Chemistry Tutoring Room

There are a variety of display cases throughout the building. The one shown above is on the first floor and contains plaques listing all of the Chemistry students who have presented at the Undergraduate Symposium. The Chemistry Department Tutoring room is shown above. It is generally staffed by student and faculty volunteers 10-12 hours per week during fall and winter terms. When not staffed, it is an open study area.



Fifth Floor Atrium Seating Area


  Fifth Floor Atrium Seating Area

The above seating areas are on the fifth floor, at the top of the atrium. Generally, these are only used by chemistry students. Note the close proximity to the faculty offices.



AtriumThis shows the lower few floors of the atrium. It is a bright, open area with chairs and study tables for students to use. At the top of the atrium is a "spherical classroom" that houses the planetarium.



AAtriumt the bottom of the atrium are some large boulders (all native to Michigan) selected by geologists.  Visiting children have a good time playing down there. It is also a nice location for informal receptions, poster sessions, or department parties.



Locker Room


 Puppies During Finals Week

Locker rooms are available for faculty and students who bicycle to school and need a shower afterwards. During Finals week, it has become a recent tradition for puppies to be brought in to help relieve the tension.




Faculty Offices



Fifth Floor Atrium Faculty Offices

Most of the Chemistry Department Faculty offices are on the fifth floor, shown above, with the remainder on the bottom floor.



Shell Space



Shell Space

Due to mid-project budget cuts, part of the fifth floor has been left unfinished. If you would like to donate the funds to partially (or completely) finish this space, we would be happy to name a room (or the whole building, if you donate enough) in your honor.


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The Department of Chemistry is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold