Academic Load

Eight hours of graduate credit for the semester is the standard full-time load. International students enrolled in fewer than eight credit hours should contact the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Graduate students may not enroll in more than 15 hours for any semester without prior permission from the Office of Records and Registration. Support of the faculty advisor/program coordinator is required for consideration.

If students seeking professional teaching certificates or additional endorsements need to take more than the maximum allowable number of credit hours, they may do so by contacting the Office of Records and Registration, 734.487.4111. Support of the faculty advisor/program coordinator is required for consideration for these students as well.

By federal regulation, students must be enrolled in four hours per semester to be considered half-time. For Title IV programs, veteran’s benefits, and loan deferments, the following requirements must be met:

  • Maximum load: 15 hours per semester
  • Full-time load: Minimum of 8 hours per semester
  • Half-time load: 4–7 hours per semester

For more information about enrollment requirements, please visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

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