Data Collection and Analysis Tools

The university library is a rich resource for the identification, collection and storage of published research.

A good place to start is to make an appointment with a reference librarian with expertise in your subject area. A directory of contact information is available online. The Reference Librarian Directory and additional research and student support resources are also available.

A variety of web-based survey data collection tools are available to the doctoral student, most of them from private vendors on a fee basis. The Faculty Development Center located in Room 109 of the library subscribes to SNAP 8 and Survey Monkey (web-based survey design/data collection tools), and data analysis tools such as SPSS and N-Vivo. However, those programs may be used only in the faculty development center during normal daytime hours and with the permission of supervising faculty, as FDC resources are limited and focused on faculty research. You will have greater access to software programs available on campus computers through your academic department/college, or to those that you purchase for use on your own computer (academic discounts are available to you).

Important Note for Doctoral Students

Students who are completing academic work but are not currently enrolled in EMU courses can complete the Extension of Library Privileges form and submit it to the library to get:

  • continued ability to borrow books from the library building using your EMU ID card
  • a new, temporary, username/password that can be used to get remote access to EMU subscription databases. This account will not allow the student to log in to computers in EMU labs on campus.

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