Tuition Waiver Program


Faculty and staff are eligible to use the tuition waiver benefit for any undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level courses at Eastern as outlined in the summary plan description. Full-time employees can waive up to six credit hours for fall, winter and summer semesters. If you are a part-time employee, you can waive up to three credit hours for fall, winter and summer semesters.

Download the tuition waiver summary plan description [PDF].

Please note: If taking Graduate and Post Graduates courses your tuition waiver is taxable income when the amount exceeds $5,250 in a year.  Taxes will automatically be applied on the four pay periods preceding the last pay of the year.

Spouses and Dependents

Your spouse and/or legal dependents, per IRS rules and regulations, can use the tuition waiver as outlined in the summary plan description.  50% of all undergraduate courses can be waived (tuition cost only), based on successful completion of classes.

Tuition Waiver Deadline

*See Dates and Deadlines: Last date: For 100% tuition refund (individual or total withdraw from term). Go to the registration calendar.

All tuition waivers must be submitted online or as a paper form to the Benefits Office at [email protected] or fax your waiver to 734.487.7590. Tuition waivers submitted after the due date will not be processed or approved.

Paper Forms

Employee paper application

Spouse/Dependent paper application

Working Hours Agreement form