Voluntary Benefit Programs

Eastern offers additional benefit programs through The Hartford to supplement your coverage.  These programs are available to benefit eligible employee classes except Faculty and Part-time Lecturers. Eastern offers 3 different programs.

Voluntary Benefits Overview

Before choosing a plan, consider all the costs and benefits involved.

How to Submit A Claim

You’ll need to work directly with The Hartford to file your claim – this process is different from what you’re used to with medical or dental insurance.  As this is a voluntary benefit that is directly managed by The Hartford all administration and correspondence is with The Hartford, not the EMU Benefits Staff.

  • Forms can be found at The Hartford's Online Resource
  • For assistance in completing forms, contact 866.547.4205
  • You’ll only need to fill in the sections specific to the benefit for which you’re filing a claim. 
  •  If you are incapacitated and are unable to complete claim forms, then your authorized representative can file a claim on your behalf 

Once complete, please mail or fax the form and documentation to: 

The Hartford Supplemental Health Benefit Department 

P.O. Box 99906 
Grapevine, TX 76099 
Fax Number: 1.469.417.1952