Beth Kubitskey, Ph.D.

Beth Kubitskey, Ph.D.

Beth Kubitskey, Ph.D.


Associate Dean of Students and Curriculum, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Years at EMU

13 years

Why You Like Working Here

I think the students here at Eastern are special. They’re highly-motivated and have a genuine sense of community. I joke that you can’t open a door on campus because everyone is holding doors open for each other. It’s the cultural norm here.

I love my colleagues, too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Physics department when I was a student and when I came back as faculty. Working with my colleagues in that department was amazingly satisfying, both as a professional and personally. Eastern Michigan University, because of its history as a normal college, has a commitment to education. It’s not just about teacher prep—it’s about teaching being important.

Favorite Campus Spot

At this moment, it’s that open space for students in Strong Hall, where you can look up at the ceiling and see the constellations.


The three things that inspire me most are seeing the teachers we prepare work with children; going to the dissertation defenses of our doctorate students; and seeing the work that the faculty do with our K-12 partners and how children are learning from that.


Every decision I make in this office depends on whether it is good for children. What motivates me is figuring out how we can create a space to support children’s learning by helping develop adults.

Surprising Fact

I was a charter member of the American Belgian Malinois Club when I was in seventh grade. The Malinois is the kind of police dog they have here. They were very rare back then.

Super Power

I would like the power to impart knowledge in a way that anyone could look at it and understand it. I guess it’s reading people’s minds so I could help them understand something, but I wouldn’t want to read all of their thoughts. I don’t want to invade their privacy.

Interesting/Fun Stay-at-Home Order Activity

I have been very careful to honor the stay-at-home order. The single thing that I participated in, that surprises even me, is golf. I took up golf with my husband (who already was a golfer), and it has been very enjoyable. I participated in the EMU Athletic Virtual Golf Outing and won “Worst Lie.” Despite that, I am improving.

Next Goal

I’ve never set professional goals per se. I tend to be interested in the shiny thing in the corner. I have a very interesting resume because of my ability to find interesting things to do, but I’ve never done it in the traditional way. I went from being a chemistry major, to an engineer, to a grad student in the physics department, to a teacher, back to an adjunct lecturer, back to being a student, then an associate professor, and then an administrator. I’ll see where the next shiny thing takes me.

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